Anxiety will Affect your Relationships… If You Let It

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 Having anxiety can cause major problems within relationships, and this is one huge reason to start anxiety management within your own life, right now.  Here are some things that I definitely recommend and practice myself to help keep my panic attacks within my control.Speak Up About Your Anxiety When it comes to anxiety,  it can really effect ...

How To Do The Monochromatic Fashion Trends

   The biggest of fashion trends for this upcoming spring and season totally confused me; the monochromatic trend. Instantly, I thought monochrome, right? Why wouldn't you? In case you don't know, the monochrome fashion trends have been pretty haute to trot for several seasons and it's the black and white look. Apparently, the monochromatic trend is so ...

A Hilarious First Date Is The Epitome of a Deal Breaker…. Or is It?

First dates are awkward, to say the least, and I literally had the most interesting, hilarious first date this weekend that many people would consider to be a total deal breaker. As you spend hours prepping your hair and makeup, and throwing a million outfits onto your bed before actually finding one that is "good ...


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