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Well, to start – there’s no way that I could possibly sum myself up in one tiny post. Trust me. I‘m a big deal. Oh, I’m totally kidding – but I’m more complicated than I could ever write in a couple of paragraphs. I wasn’t lying about that part!

Alright, so here I am! HERROW! My name is Chantal McCulligh and I’m a twenty-something-year-old girl who loves life, love and fashion. I am passionate about so many different things in my life that many people wouldn’t expect. For example, kayaking and video games for this girl? You bet! With my blog, you get to explore all avenues of my crazy (Or batshit crazy, as I like to call it) life!

I’ve been put through the ringer in life several of times (Who hasn’t?), and instead of mopping around, I have decided to allow my words to make a difference in your world. As a result, I have always proven to myself that anything can be done, as long as you’re passionate about it, and passionate about accomplishing your goals. My blog will be proof for you.

I write my blog on a weekly basis (Sometimes more – Lucky you) and update my other pages when something sparks my thinking tool. I know – I’m that generous.

If you haven’t noticed by now (and if you haven’t abandoned my page yet), I have a huge sense of humour. Or lack of… Since I find everything funny? Wait, does that make any sense at all? Regardless, if you get offended easily, this probably isn’t the place for you. My opinions are my own, and I’ll be damned to change my Taurus ways now.

Seriously though, life is silly, so let’s have a laugh. Thanks for coming to join me on my life’s fashionably (and sometimes not) adventures.

Sometimes life hands you bullshit, and other times it hands you the lottery. (Oh you bet your ass I’m counting on the latter! WHEWW!) Sometimes, life hands you a salary that allows you to purchase authentic LV purses every Tuesday (don’t ask why I picked Tuesday) – and sometimes, it teaches you how to go on a hunt for one at a good vintage store.

Whether you’re handed luck, or holey hand-me-downs, life can, and is, fun, crazy, dramatic and a wild fashionable adventure - to say the least.

Oh, and when I’m not living in a dream world of “Chantilliscious”, you can find me writing articles for other companies as I am a full time Freelance Writer. I also have a Youtube Channel with 55,000 subscribers, which I am damn proud of, and I still wonder every day why people put up with me.

So raise your cocktails, ladies and gents, and let’s cheers to living a gawd damn good life!


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