A Letter To My Friend in Prison

by Chantal McCulligh on April 10, 2014

I’m a complete prude when it comes to people in jail. I just have absolutely no respect for people who commit crimes on a constant. Criminals are the epitome of a ‘loser’ life.

I know people in jail. I have friends in jail. Heck, my own cousin is responsible for the biggest steroid scandal in University football in Canada.

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 This post is definitely going to stir up some controversy, but if you are going to go out and be a criminal for a living, then you chose to give up your freedom and ‘rights’. Obviously, this depends on the severity of the crime.

Here’s my reasoning… There is so much more to life, and people beg for one last chance to live every single day. Infants, children, parents, siblings, lovers…. Every day, want nothing but an extra 5 minutes of life… And they fight for that… Every single day. Then, you have people who gang bang and rob and harm innocent people. I don’t respect that.

I also believe that anyone who has intentionally committed to crime to harm someone for life; murder, rape etc. should be killed.

Call it what it is, but I am black and white on this situation and I respect and love to hear people’s arguments who don’t agree with me.  I only hope that they can respect my views as well. Yes, that means you.

I haven’t ever been an angel and I’m definitely not trying to paint myself that way. However, I recently  decided to write a letter to my friend who is in jail. Will I ever send it? No. Have I thought about going to see him? Yes. Will I? Never. Why? I live a completely different life – just as he does. We would never understand one another. As I remember the good times and the heart of gold he always had, I can only hope for his future to become brighter. Until then, I just don’t have respect for the life he chose for himself.

You reap what you sow.

No one choses jail for you. You and your actions do.

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(Names have been changed)

Hey Lance,

Wow. I can’t believe I am writing to you. I’m not going to tell you who I am, but I am sure that you will be able to figure it out by the end of this letter. You recently came into my mind, and a torrential downpour of memories came down upon me. It made me think about how good of a heart you have, and how unfortunate it is that you were always heading down the path that you have now reached as your destination.

It breaks my heart.

It breaks my heart knowing just how much more you could be for yourself. I don’t think you’ll ever see it, achieve it or realize that you deserve it.

I remember in grade school, you had gotten into some trouble. Geez, you started young! (hahah) We were all sent to the library, and you were left behind in the classroom. Police officers rushed the school and you were arrested. I don’t remember what for, but I definitely remember that moment. You were my first eye opener to the ‘other side’ of life – a life that is very real for many people.

Once you returned back to school, you weren’t allowed outside for recess, but you were allowed to bring one friend to the gym with you. The friend you picked was always me. We had a bond and understanding that many people just didn’t understand. You were a deadbeat. A failure. Certain to never do anything with your life. The school gave up on you, as did your family, and all the other kids in school saw you as a threat.

But I didn’t.

I trusted you more than anything else. I remember there was a time when you and I were meeting up, and some man tried to harm me and a friend. Being the badass that you were, you instantly took off – eager to take care of him yourself. I hated that about you, but I loved that about you.

Protection. You’ve always protected those who you loved.

Once high school hit, we went our separate ways. I don’t know where you went or what you did, but I do remember getting collect calls from you periodically, anytime you were locked up. Sometimes I answered, sometimes I didn’t. I hope you know that it was never personal, but it has always been so difficult to see you end up just like everyone expected when I have always known you could be capable of so much more.

Fast forward another 6 years, and I ran into you at a shopping center. I was just getting ready to leave when I heard someone shout my name. I turned around to see your lovable smile and arms open wide – just like I remember you – a troubled man with a god awful amount of love. We briefly caught up as we embraced each other in our arms. You promised you were trying to stay out of trouble, and as I walked away to my lavish lifestyle, you were headed back on the streets, never knowing where they would land you.

I heard you were a big drug dealer around here. I’ve seen some of your pictures, and we have some mutual friends that you may not even know about. Why did I ignore all your Facebook requests? Like I said, I can’t bear to see you waste your life when you deserve so much more. I hope you understand.

Through the grapevine, I heard you had a big blowout with the cops and you’ve landed yourself back behind the bars. It feels different hearing about it this time, although I’ve heard it so many times before. It’s been 15 years since we first became friends, and nothing has changed for you. It’s just gotten worse. I can’t stop asking myself why?

Were you never given the opportunity? Is it because you never knew anything else but the streets? What was it? Why has this life behind bars stolen the boy I used to know? Help me understand. How can someone choose an illegitimate life, full of quick money, drugs and guns when you have so much more to give?

I encourage you to pick up a book and educate yourself. Get out of the toxic life and relationships that keep you where you are. I’ll be here if you ever do. You know just as much as I do that you have an impeccable amount of love to give, and you deserve to experience a better life – a life that doesn’t strip you of your rights and freedom. A life that isn’t lived behind the bars.

Until then, I’ll continue to read about your life in the newspapers – and from a distance. You’re always in my thoughts. I hope you haven’t accepted your life sentence (No pun intended)  because I will never accept this life for you either.


Your childhood friend.




Dreams Come True Unbeknownst To You

by Chantal McCulligh on April 3, 2014

Sometimes your dreams come true without you even noticing. I never planned on pursuing a career as a writer, or so I thought, until recently when I had a realization that prompted my memory.

For those of you who don’t know, aside from my Luxe Style of Living that I promote via my blog and Youtube, I also write full time as a freelance writer. inspiration words, canadian blogger

I am a writer.

I never forgot  that I enjoyed writing, but I definitely forgot about the potential of having my passion form my career path. Throughout high school, I always took advanced writing classes but my main focus was on psychology and working with developmentally challenged children. My plan was to be a doctor, counselor, special education teacher or something similar to the field.

I didn’t actually ever believe or think to pursue a career as a writer.

I was lucky enough to have my passion simply turn into a career. While it has taken a long time for myself to get to where I am today, I was extremely fortunate to have my true aspirations truly turn into my life – all without myself really realizing exactly what was happening.

The entire concept that sometimes your dreams come true unbeknownst to you was found when I came across the following short autobiography that I had written when I was 17, that went along with a chapbook that I wrote.

Chantal McCulligh is a 17 year-old student. She enjoys writing about honest situations, and accepts and appreciates the challenges of writing truthfully – with the high potential of being judged. After experiencing some trying and unfortunate circumstances, Chantal immediately turned to writing at a very young age, as a way to release her emotions. She refers to this as, ‘Her Escape’. She also says that her reasons for adding so much truth and personality behind her writing is because, “it adds more depth, and makes it relatable.” While she plans on obtaining a career that helps her change the world for the better while helping those in need, she plans to further and continue her passion for writing but only as a hobby. 

Little did I know, at the time, how unbelievably true this little autobiography is – or would ever be – or that I would ‘change the world for the better while helping those in need’ by taking my ‘passion for writing’ and turning it into a career.  It’s funny how the world works sometimes.

I wanted to share this story because I essentially discontinued one dream, which lead me to another, and all the while, I had no idea that this was happening.

So, next time something seems to throw you off of your path, or doesn’t go the way that you planned or worked so hard for, don’t get down on yourself. Believe that everything happens for a reason – because it does. Your dream may not have come true, because maybe there’s the possibility of a bigger dream happening in the future. You just never know. All you can do is keep your chin high and keep truckin’…. And shopping!

It’s true what they say – When one door closes, many more open.

Although I chose to close the door that lead to the path of working in the psychology field, doing so brought so many more incredible opportunities that I quite possibly may not have ever experienced otherwise.inspiration words, canadian blogger

There is always some positive that can be found in ‘change’. Sometimes it’s hard to see, but eventually, you’ll see all the good that comes from the bad. The only secret is that you have to stick through life with a smile on your face to eventually see it.

Have you experienced one thing ending only to bring you to something better in the future? Share your story in the comments below.


Take The Challenge – Work to Live

by Chantal McCulligh on March 23, 2014

I don’t really know how I feel about life lately. Okay, so that makes me sound like a total emo psycho path. What I truly mean is that life has me a tad bit confused.

I have lately been obsessed with the concept that…

We live to die.

That’s it.

We live to die. Kaput. Dead. Donezo. Adios.

inspiration words, canadian blogger

Everything in between doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter what you did, what you owned, or who you knew because in the end, you are one thing… And that is dead.

Sounds depressing, right? So much for inspiration words within this blog post. However, it isn’t all negative Nancy over here. Over the course of my years…

After all, I am entering my quarter-life-crisis next month…

I have noticed one thing more and more prominently.

Life begins and ends with family. The people who come in and out during the middle don’t mean anything when you’re laying on your death bed surrounded by family (and longterm friends that you have proclaimed as family).

It sounds absolutely depressing but try to look at things on the brighter and more beautiful side. You come into this world with family, and despite all the shenanigans, bullshit and struggles that you go through over the years, when it is time for you to go, it is your family that is standing there beside you.

An odd thing coming from a girl who had major famjam problems over the course of the last 5 years. It’s a fascinating thing really. Maturity, maybe? Am I growing up? Nah… Never. Growing up isn’t for me, but maybe I am opening my eyes a bit.

Since I have gone on my whole, ‘I am living to die’ rampage, I put even more emphasis on the motto that I fill my entire days with, and that I will elaborate on in future blog posts.

Work to live, don’t live to work.

With that said, I am a broke ass Canadian blogger right now, but I have never been happier. With tax season around the corner, I realized that 2013 was the year where I didn’t really make any money. I spent what I earned, and although this isn’t something I can do for the rest of my life, I have to admit that 2013 was the best year of my life thus far.

I definitely have to spend less as I grow older because savings are a life-saver (no pun intended), but I vow to never be someone who lives to work. I will work to live my life to the fullest – and slap my ass and call me Spanky if I am going to spend 14 hour days working in an office hating my life and not enjoying my hard earned dolla dolla bills, ya’ll.

With all of that said, I challenge each and every one of my readers to

Work To Live and to not Live to Work.

Will you accept the challenge? If so, what changes do you think you have to make?


My Version of Dear John

by Chantal McCulligh on March 15, 2014

You know, I really like the movie ‘Dear John’. Have you seen it? No? Well, go rent it right now. Kidding, but basically it’s a love story blah blah blah, and the story plays out through love letters back and forth from the girl and her man, who happens to be named John. The title makes sense now, right?

After watching the movie for the 99th time, I decided to write my very own Dear Jon John.
So without further ado, let’s take it back to 2010.

This is my Dear John.

canadian bloggers

Dear Jon John,

I will never forget the first day we met. We were both at the nastiest bar getting even more nasty drunk on the grimiest dance floor that you could possibly find in the city. We spent the entire night laughing and dancing up on stage, busting out dance moves that should never, ever be seen again. We had a blast.

When last call came, we shot down a few more drinks and gathered each of our friends to head on over to the pizza shop to drunkenly stuff our face.

It was love at first sight.

The truth is, the very first night we met, when we were standing outside of that pizza shop, I saw the look on your face when someone brought up your “crazy ex” as they would say. It was at that moment that I knew I should have ran. However, I made the mistake of giving you the benefit of the drunken doubt.

I decided to give you a chance. Two years of chance. One god damn big ass chance.

You know, when we were dating I used to hate looking at photos of us. Mind you, we always looked happy and were smiling, but with every smile, I knew that there were so many more tears and so much more misery behind it. Every smile was ruined by a worse moment – often a moment with your ex girlfriend threatening to kill me, pull knives out, stalk me, steal your car, harass me, show up at my parties, try to fight me, etc. You remember all those moments? I bet you don’t.

You robbed me.

You robbed me of love.




It took me 2 years to realize it, and I finally did the hardest thing that I have ever done before. I left, and I left for good. And now, an additional 2 years after leaving you, I can finally say that I have healed from the pain you caused.

While your ex girlfriend, who tortured me to the god damn death of us, has moved on to victimize herself in another man’s life, you are left to live a scarless life and relationship – never facing the truth and reality of what truly happened behind our closed doors.

When it wasn’t your ex girlfriend going crazy and stalking us, it was your friends. I always hated your friends. You probably had no idea because I always put a smile on and played nice. They had absolutely no respect for you, and even when you decided to travel with them to Asia for 6 months, I stuck by your side only to find out you were a cheating bastard – with their encouragement.

“Different hoes, different area codes.”

Remember that time that I let you borrow my car to go visit family and you snuck off to a girls house – on our last night together before we couldn’t see or talk to each other for 6 months as you were overseas. The very girl who tortured me for years prior to this, but you didn’t want to ‘hurt her feelings’ because she was crazy and suicidal? Remember that? How about the time you finally moved away from that situation, only to sneak her into your house behind my back. The 3AM phone calls with girl’s names crawling over the screen? You may have forgotten, but I haven’t.

And I hate you for that.

This summer you came over to see me. You were just beginning a new relationship, but still came to see me. As much as I loved your company, I couldn’t help but look you in the face and say, “You are doing to her – exactly what you did to me. You are sneaking off behind her back to go see your ex.”

You were so dumbfounded.

I then said, “I will never do to another girl, what your ex did to me.” And we never saw each other again. It sucks being the one who changed you for the rest.

I could go on and on and tell the world about what truly happened, but I’m going to pull a ‘you’ and turn my head the other way. The moral of the ‘Dear John’ story is,

The victim is always the sufferer. The torturer goes off without one scar.

But do they really?

It took me 2 years to finally get to a place where I can trust someone enough to actually be in a relationship. As for you, you’ll have to live with your actions for the rest of your life.

Who’s really the one getting off free now?

This is my version of Dear John.


4 Messages to Not Miss in the Blackfish Documentary

by Chantal McCulligh on March 10, 2014

I’m not a marine biologist, nor have I ever worked at a zoo. I’m not an animal trainer or a zoologist, nor have I ever worked at a humane society. What am I? A person who loves animals and sealife, and who is absolutely devastated yet not shocked about what occurs in Seaworld and many other establishments around the world. You guessed it. I watched the Blackfish Documentary.

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I was actually out on my kayak a couple months ago when my friend told me that I have to watch this documentary. Being an avid lover of all animals, specifically Orca whales and dolphins, I’ve waited for months with anticipation to see what this film was all about that was causing so much hype. Last night, the day finally came and I turned on my Netflix and skimmed through the Netflix movie list and clicked to watch the Blackfish documentary. Here are the things that you will learn from this incredible film.


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The entire concept that a day at the zoo or Seaworld is “fun for the day” or that you just “really want to see the animals” is exactly what needs to end. Trust me. I’ve been a culprit of this in the past as well. I’ve been to Marine Land in Niagara Falls when I was younger and I certainly felt bad for the animals, but I just really wanted to see them. As my love for the ocean grew fonder and my knowledge became more vast, I realized that this is the exact thing that keeps places like Seaworld open. I was putting money in the pockets of people who are forcing these animals to perform. If we all stopped taking that family day trip to the zoo or Seaworld, we could potentially end this disgusting form of entertainment.


blackfish documentary, netflix movie list,

One of the things about the Blackfish documentary that struck me in the heart is the truth that when they take Orcas from the wild, they are essentially kidnapping a child. The whales cry and scream as they look for their baby that we, as humans, just stole. It’s heartbreaking. Orcas, like many other mammals and animals, are just as smart as us, if not smarter. They understand that you are taking their baby, and they have emotions that show when this happens. I often think that if I saw boats out on Tampa Bay while I’m kayaking trying to capture a dolphin, would I be excited to see it in Seaworld? Absolutely not! I would be appalled. If I was to see animals and mammals being taken from their natural habitat for no good reason and was excited, I would sign my rights over to the Looney Bin because I would be sick in the head.


blackfish documentary, netflix movie list,
Now, this is the thing to remember. There is a difference between rehabilitation centers and entertainment shows. I went to the Clearwater Rehabilitation Center last year. I took the behind the scene tours and asked plenty of questions while I was there. The education provided at this establishment is impeccable. To me, it was apparent that their goal and mission was to help and release those creatures that could survive back in the wild, and to give some quality of life to others that would not survive in the wild. I’m not saying these places are flawless. I couldn’t help but wonder if all of the stringrays at Clearwater were injured and being rehabilitated or if they were for entertainment purposes.  However,  if you are going to spend your hard earned money to see animals, you should certainly do so at a place where the money will actually benefit the animals and the education is exceptional.


blackfish documentary, netflix movie list,
Let’s be honest here, places like Seaworld are opening their center for a bang for their buck. It exploits the animals and mammals more than it provides education to you. If you want to learn about animals and provide your children with realistic and valuable knowledge, visit an establishment that rehabilitates and releases, and that also reetains thorough knowledge of the animals being cared for.

The Blackfish documentary focuses on Seaworld and Orca whales specifically, but the truth is that these problems occur at many entertainment establishments and with many other species. I can’t find one good reason as to why any animal should be help in captivity, unless they are sick or unable to survive in the wild. At Clearwater, there was a sea turtle that was hit by a boat that now has buoyancy problems which keeps him floating at the surface. In the wild, he would either be killed by a boat or starve as he is unable to get his food. So, the rehabilitation center in Clearwater cares for him in order to provide him with some quality of life. I understand this. What I don’t understand is taking perfectly healthy animals and mammals and forcing them into captivity and to perform.

What are your views on animal captivity? Do you completely disagree with my opinion? If so, why? I am always scanning through the Netflix movie list looking for new documentaries. Is there anything you recommend?


My Mouth Is a Screen Window With Holes in It

by Chantal McCulligh on March 4, 2014

I have been battling with my favourite ”flaw” lately. Yes. I have a flaw that is my favourite. You have to learn to hate the things you love to hate, and hate to love and.. Whatever, this is just getting confusing. Somewhere down the line, someone decided that speaking your mind is a negative thing.

Uuuh what? Well not on this lifestyle blogs posts and for this Canadian blogger!

Canadian bloggers, lifestyle blogs

Here’s my theory. As long as you are not saying hurtful things, and have taken into consideration the people or person with whom you’re speaking with, your relationship with them, their sense of humour, sensitivities and personality, your hands are clean.

 My filter is like a screen window that has massive holes in it. It catches some debris, but the majority of the shit goes through.

The window is my mouth.

The majority of the shit in my head goes through it.

My mother says I have always been like that – saying exactly what is on my mind. She told me this story about myself when I was a little girl. I saw a Midget, short person, dwarf… Little person (I don’t know what I could possibly say without getting hate comments on this one). Loudly, little Miss Chantal (Yes, I just referred to myself in the third person) asks,

“Mom! Why is that man so short?”

Shhh!” My mom said as she tugged on my arm to shut the flying racoons up!

“Mom!” I said louder, “Why is that man so short!?”

“Chantal! Quiet.”


Oh, I could only imagine the embarrassment that must have been on my mother’s face. I was very young at the time – young enough to not remember doing this.

The point is, my mouth is like a screen window with massive holes in it. Duh! Didn’t you listen to the story?

I have always been the kind girl who speaks her mind, ever since I came out of my mother’s hoo-ha, which is also why you guys probably come to read my lifestyle blogs.

Oh, wait. What’s that? I said “hoo ha”. Should you say that I should have filtered that? Did I offend you? Upset you? Hurt someone’s feelings? No. So, why should I filter that? Did it make you laugh? Probably. Shock you a bit? Maybe. Did I say it directly to my boss? No. Queen? No. Was it raunchy? No.  Did you not know where babies come from prior to reading this post? Oh, okay. I totally understand than. No.

Moral of the story is, speak your mind, ladies and gentlemen. Don’t be afraid to say something out of the ordinary, or that may spark some debate or contradiction…

As long as you are conscious of your intentions and how your words will affect someone else.

If your verbal slips aren’t mean, malicious or have a negative intent, let your word vomit flow, ladies and gents.  It is okay to get a little inappropriate at times!

We learn to talk so that we can say what is on our minds and express ourselves, and by god damn if someone tells me that I need to filter myself one more time, I am going to scream vulgar sentences in the middle of the street.

My word vomit usually consists of silly, dumb blonde things  - one of my cutest traits that put a smile on people’s faces. It’s like, you always have the good with the bad. You just can’t please everyone, especially when you write lifestyle blogs.  You’re bound to piss a couple of people off.

So is it a flaw? Or are some people too pretentious to laugh at silly things some Canadian bloggers say? Are people too sensitive to things that are intended to be a little silly? 

What are your thoughts on a lack-of-filter? Negative? Agree that as long as all things are considered, it’s a-okay? Comment down below.


I’m Kind Of Like George Zimmerman

by Chantal McCulligh on February 25, 2014

I’m kind of like George Zimmerman! Only, I’m not American, and I’m not the same race of George Zimmerman. I don’t kill people, nor do I even approach them. Ok, well, maybe I’m not really like George Zimmerman at all…

But I do like to stalk people from time to time!

Unintentionally, of course.

lifestyle blogs, creeper, george zimmerman

Living downtown brings a lot of enjoyment. I spend probably way more time than I want to admit, watching people from my apartment windows. Drunk people yelling, car accidents, fighting, people being ran over by cars, marital squabbles, and more recently, I caught a freaky pocket-ball player.

Oh yeah, I went there.

Wait, this is making me sound a little more morbid than I intended. Jokes aside though, it is perfect for my life as a writer for lifestyle blogs.

The other night,  I went out to walk my dogs before bedtime. As I reached the end of my building, they started acting really weird, and in the pitch dark, I see a man wearing a bandana over his face slowly creep out from the bushes that are right at the windows of the first floor apartments.

Talk about being startled.

I thought that he might have been taking a pee, but he didn’t leave. He literally stood in the middle of the front lawn… Looking at me from the corner of his eyes, waiting for me to leave.

It was weird, creepy, intimidating, and extremely odd… So, I got my skinny little blonde ass out of there. It was 1AM, and I wasn’t looking to die any time soon. Since my Aunt Mar is the property manager, I woke her up to tell her that I think I may have just caught someone trying to break into the apartments on the first floor.

I took out her bedroom windows screen, and stick my head right out into the blistering cold of the night. The guy was back at the bedroom windows on the first floor! So, naturally, she crawls her ass out of bed and sticks her head out of the window with me.

Was he playing pocket ball?

Were his pants enlarged?

… Or was he just happy to see me?

Kidding… Honestly, it was creepy. It was pretty obvious that he was peeping in the windows of the bedrooms on the first floor. What a sicko whacko jacko, right?

As my Aunt Mar was on the phone with the police, I froze my ass off in the window, determined to get a description of the guy. Obviously, I watch a lot of cop television shows and movies – and that’s not to mention my true crime collection of books.

I’m not sure if he saw my massive head sticking out of the building, or my camera lights flashing as I caught his dirty ass on camera, but he took off before the 3 cop cars arrived.

Oh, yeah ladies. 3 cops were spending the night with me. Whhhhew!

That’s the end of the story. Honestly, I wish I had more for you, but I don’t. There is no happy ending. Well, not for us anyone. Gross!

He got away. So, I have spent the last couple of nights waking up at random times to pop my head out of my window. I’ll catch him one day!

One day, I’ll get ya - you little weirdo.

I should stake out one night. That…. Or I should get a life. The prior sounds so much more fun though.



The Breakup That Never Happened

by Chantal McCulligh on February 21, 2014

For the past couple months, my friends, family and I have spent one too many times joking about one of my most epic breakups ever. Obviously,  it has brought so much laughter to us that I felt the need to share it with all of you. Prepare to have your abs hurt. Or at least I think it’s that funny.

I’m pretty sure this particular ‘ex’ of mine wants to be a part of a Taylor Swift breakup. I’ll elaborate on that in just a moment.

Unfortunately, I won’t name who my breakups are with – as you already know. It does get damn tempting to put faces and names to the stories from time to time though. Can you imagine how amazing it would be to call out all the bullshit men – or people in general? Damn my morals. I wish I didn’t care about spilling someone else’s beans online, but I do.

I saw a hilarious handbag once that read, ‘Don’t piss me off or I’ll blog about you!’


I’m almost certain all Canadian bloggers have felt this way a time or two. So, let me stop blabbing on and finally tell you about the most epic breakup. It really takes the cake.

Again, let me reiterate that this particular ‘man’ really liked Taylor Swift. You will understand why I am telling you this in a couple more sentences.

This breakup that essentially never happened started off like this…

Him: I guess I like to be alone…

Me: Ummm… I don’t know how much more alone you can get since we are 5000 miles apart but point noted.

Do you get the Taylor Swift association now?  And I quote…

“We haven’t seen each other in a month
When you… said you… needed space, what?”

Only to have Facebook show that he’s having a damn hay day with all kinds of people, or at the very least – definitely not alone.

7 days passed…

He was still enjoying being ‘alone’.

14 days passed…

Still having a hay day being alone.

21 days passed…

And I think I just experienced a breakup that never happened. So, what do I do? I channeled my inner Russel Brand and shot him a text message. Oh, yeah – a breakup over text!

However, the kicker is – we were probably already broken up. I just missed the memo, I guess. And we have never ever spoke since! I mean, the last message he said was “I guess I like to be alone”. Did he even know he’s single?

We all have a great laugh at this epic breakup story. It’s like the breakup that happened that didn’t happen, but that happened. Wait. I think it happened. Did it happen?

Yeah… One of those.

I would have asked him – but he was too busy being alone. That – or I really didn’t care. (Obviously, the latter).

Jokes aside though, this is a breakup from a very long time, and I have never actually even considered him to have ever been a ‘boyfriend’, but it still brings great joy to my life – as well as my friend’s and family’s.  In fact, I am laughing hysterically just writing about it.


Have you ever had an epic breakup that was totally out of the ordinary? Share your story in the comment section below.


Dating As a Lifestyle Blogger isn’t So Easy

by Chantal McCulligh on February 17, 2014

Dating for Canadian bloggers is tough. Actually, dating is tough regardless of what you do, but it is even more so when you have lifestyle blogs. Maybe I am biased, but being one of the many Canadian bloggers who have gone through the regime of people googling your name and lifestyle blogs, I am only speaking from experience.

lifestyle blogs, canadian bloggers,

Don’t get me wrong. I am not complaining about what I do because I obviously love it – or else I wouldn’t write lifestyle blogs. However, there is a whole lot of judgement and googling that gets done that doesn’t always work to the blogger’s benefit.

It all begins right at the get go of dating. You meet someone and start talking. Like myself, Canadian bloggers probably tend to not thoroughly explain what we do right at the beginning of meeting someone, because we don’t want them to do the following – However, it is almost inevitable. Google is our enemy in a variety of ways.

As soon as someone types in that little search bar, things always change. For the person you are dating, they start to flip through your pages and lifestyle blogs, and although they may think positively about what you do, they get to know a whole lot more about you that you may not have shared so early on in this potential relationship forming.

The worst is when they think that they know you – simply from reading your lifestyle blogs. Although I am extremely real throughout all of my articles, you guys truly only see what I want you to see – what I want to show, and essentially, there is a lot more to me than what my writing may let on.

The dating world gets even more difficult when the friends and family of the person you are dating gets wind of what you do as a Canadian blogger. It is almost always awful when they start googling you prior to ever meeting you. Why, you ask? They instantly think they know everything about you, and with that comes a preconceived notion of who you are.  They have judged you before you even got a chance to show them who you are. It truly is a dilemma. When you go to meet the parents, you know you put on your best face. Oh, well – that idea is totally out the window as a blogger.They already know your nitty gritty! Damnnnnit.

Oh, and let’s not forget to talk about the batshit crazy ex girlfriend’s who seem to spend the majority of their spare time reading your blogs and watching your videos. Ugh. Then, they usually continue to cry and contact their ex (Your new boyfriend) to only make their and our relationship difficult.

It doesn’t even end there though. Once you have started a relationship with someone, and have met their friends and family, they usually continue to read your blogs. Awesome, right? It usually is but then you always have those few people who like to make the dating process even worse. Even if you don’t name or put a face to the person you are talking about, the friends and family know who it is that you are talking about. 

So, they tend to make fun of the cute things that you guys do, or say – and always know what is going on in your relationship. Those people usually tend to cause a lot of stress and problems in relationships for Canadian bloggers.

Being judged before people have even met you is a truly difficult thing to overcome as a Canadian blogger. With that said, the people worth dating, and the friends and family that follows with that will understand that writing lifestyle blogs is a job at the end of the day, and that there is a whole lot more substance to you that isn’t always showcased throughout the writing.

… Now to just find those people. Hmph.




25 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me

by Chantal McCulligh on February 9, 2014

lifestyle blogs, canadian bloggers, inspirational words

One of the best things about being one-of-the-many Canadian bloggers, aside from having you fabulous people in my life, is the memories. Lifestyle blogs are like photo albums - only instead of pictures, we have inspirational words that bring us back to a certain time in our life.

As I was going through old albums and boxes from my childhood, I decided that, although many of you know almost anything that you could possibly know about me, there may be some silly things that you don’t. Alas, this lifestyle blogs post is about to reveal the very odd, silly ways of me.

photo (5)

There is a meaning behind all of this, though. As I am going through all of the pictures, lifestyle blogs that I have written, and even school crafts that I have made, I realized that I am still the exact same person. You could ask anyone who has known me for a while. As a child, I was silly ham who always had creative ways to make people laugh.

I am still that little girl, only a little more rough around the edges, and in a larger body. I think the photos and 20 things you don’t know about me only confirm that even more.

Knowing that I am the same person that I was years ago gives me an odd sense of motivation. It confirms that I am who I am because I was born this way. Lady Gaga, anyone?


(Some photos are smaller, and there was nothing I could do about it. Sorry xo)

1. I was born in Guelph, Ontario.

lifestyle blogs, canadian bloggers, inspirational words


2. My nostrils twitch when I talk, and so do my sisters.

lifestyle blogs, canadian bloggers, inspirational words

I hate this about myself!


3. I had a third nipple once.

lifestyle blogs, canadian bloggers, inspirational words

It wasn’t really a third nipple, but my sister liked to always call it that. It was a blood blister closer to my collarbone.


4.  I used to belt out to Jessica Simpson in a microphone hooked up to an amp because I thought I was a super star.

lifestyle blogs, canadian bloggers, inspirational words

As you can see, when I didn’t have a microphone, I put my creativity to good use and would tape tennis balls on top of empty toilet paper rolls.

5. I used to talk to myself in the mirror, and when I got caught, I would pretend I was on the phone and it got disconnected.

lifestyle blogs, canadian bloggers, inspirational words


6.  I like vinegar so much that one time as a kid, I drank a cup of it… And proceeded to throw it up,exorcism style.

lifestyle blogs, canadian bloggers, inspirational words


7. As a kid, my sister, brother and I used to throw our fruit loops on the wall to see which one would be the last fruit loop standing.

lifestyle blogs, canadian bloggers, inspirational words

8. I used to kiss worms as a kid to entertain the neighbours.

lifestyle blogs, canadian bloggers, inspirational words

I remember kissing worms, but my sister decided that you guys needed to know the truth. She said the neighbourhood kids would surround me as I shouted, “Look what I can do! Look what I can do!” I would pucker my juicy lips and plant one on my slimy, nasty, gooey worms.


9. I ran away with a cereal box once…

lifestyle blogs, canadian bloggers, inspirational words


10. I used to think trains were thunder.. So I have no idea what I used to think snow was?

lifestyle blogs, canadian bloggers, inspirational words

11. I stole someone’s cat once. I thought it was a stray, claimed it as my own and refused to give it back.

lifestyle blogs, canadian bloggers, inspirational words

I swear I didn’t steal this one. The orange tabby cat is Leo, the family favourite.


12. I have fat days and ugly days, just like everyone else.

lifestyle blogs, canadian bloggers, inspirational words

13. I have a freckle on the tip of my nose.

lifestyle blogs, canadian bloggers, inspirational words

14. My sister and I are 4 years apart, but have a twin sense with each other. Oooh, spooky spooky!

lifestyle blogs, canadian bloggers, inspirational words

So what if we are adults and still snuggle under a baby blanket on the floor to watch tv sometimes. Don’t judge us.


15. I see dead people. No, really…  I do!

lifestyle blogs, canadian bloggers, inspirational words


16. I’m the youngest in my family, but first to move away from home.

lifestyle blogs, canadian bloggers, inspirational words

17. My sister and I have matching freckles on our ear.

lifestyle blogs, canadian bloggers, inspirational words

18. I cut my hair off when I was 3, and my family nicknamed me “Stupid hair”… Which I still get called to this day.

lifestyle blogs, canadian bloggers, inspirational words

19. Growing up, I had a pet bunny named Thumper, my sister had one named Alley and my brother had one named Charlie. When we moved cities, we gave them to a family friend… WHO GAVE THEM TO A FOX FARM!

lifestyle blogs, canadian bloggers, inspirational words

20.  My first kiss was in preschool with a boy named Eric Boyles. I got in trouble and was told to kiss boys on their hands, and not on their lips.

lifestyle blogs, canadian bloggers, inspirational words


21. I still stuff my face like this… Which may explain #12

lifestyle blogs, canadian bloggers, inspirational words

22. Growing up I was a gymnast, as was my sister.

lifestyle blogs, canadian bloggers, inspirational words

23. The only way I used to eat Oreos was to first pull the top cookie layer off, and put the other part with the cream outside to melt in the sun, only to put it back together again to eat it.

lifestyle blogs, canadian bloggers, inspirational words

24. I’m allergic to cats, grass and dust… And dishes.

lifestyle blogs, canadian bloggers, inspirational words

25. I always had my butt up in the air as a child. I didn’t even crawl properly, and used my hands and feet with my booty in the air.

lifestyle blogs, canadian bloggers, inspirational words

More importantly though, I have always been known as the happy, crazy one who is never afraid to say what’s on her mind!

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