I take pride in offering outstanding customer service, quality SEO content and small business coaching that allows my clients to reach their business goals. My personable approach combined with my expertise allows for a beautiful working relationship that’s highly based on a foundation of trust, honesty, and reliability. 

Since 2009, I have worked with thousands of clients in a vast array of industries, including beauty, business, construction, fashion, finances, food, fitness, family, health – you name it.  This has provided me with the incredible opportunity to work with many aspiring entrepreneurs and business gurus from small starts-up and well-established brands and businesses. You may have even some of my work on your favourite bag of chips, major moving company website, gardening magazine or on some of your favourite cosmetics and drugstore products.


Let take a peek at what my client's have to say about using CM consulting to achieve their business goals.

  • Chantal has blown us away with her quality of service and expertise. She was able to take what little information we had for her at the time and turn it into an outstanding website infused with expert knowledgeable, SEO content and valuable CTAs that quickly converted into quality leads.

    Jeff P. Owner of Construction Company
  • Working with Chantal was fantastic! She was so professional and I learned a ton of information. She has extensive knowledge in her field and is able to teach others in a way that is easy to learn. Chantal designed and set up my website for me so that I can sell my book, speaking and coaching services. For me, this was all too technical and I had no idea where to begin. Chantal helped me along the way to understand everything clearly and she empowered me to be able to do things on my own which is exactly what I wanted. She even went above and beyond to create short videos to teach me how to do certain tasks. She has also taught me so much about social media and using it to my advantage to help promote my business. If you or anyone you know needs help promoting their business online with social media or a website, or selling products online, I would highly recommend Chantal McCulligh! Thanks for all your help Chantal!!

    Denise Lowe, Cambridge ON Student Success Coach
  • I really enjoyed working with Chantal her writing style is fresh and on point. I felt that she really took the time to research my type of business services and also understood who my business audience are. Chantal gave good prospective on my products, services and designs. We will enjoy launching these blogs. Thank you so much Chantal I will be calling upon your services for the upcoming holidays so get ready :-) 5***** Star service all the way.

    Gift Baskets By Design SB, Inc eCommerce Store Owner
  • I “met” Chantal back in 2010. I had just returned from a year long trip around the globe and was struggling to find work. I had a bit of print writing experience, but was very green when it came to the world of writing online. Chantal took me under her wing and taught me everything from SEO, to finding high paying niches to everything else that was required to run a successful blog. I launched a blog of my own, and was able to land a significant number of clients over the years. I was able to collaborate with other bloggers, build relationships with well-known brands, snag a number of sponsored partnerships and make enough money to steer clear of a 9-5, all with the knowledge Chantal imparted to me. Chantal is an excellent motivator, a natural born entrepreneur, and a fountain of knowledge when it comes to the world of blogging and online publishing. Admittedly, I’ve been out of the online writing game for some time (motherhood), but am returning and very much look forward to working with Chantal again!

    Jordana Manchester, Vancouver B.C. Adventure Travel Specialist
  • Being a small business, I didn't even know where to start to grow my business. Chantal was able to look at our website, branding, products and business plan and identify areas and actions that could be improved. She helped us narrow in on the specific message and mission we wanted our brand to have and taught us exactly how to emphasis those things within our branding materials, website design, content, etc.

    Viktoria eCommerce Store Owner
  • We hired her to start our 3 blog posts and couldn't be more happier with the content she created for us. She ultimately took her time searching and navigating our site to find the best niche and keywords. Our favorite among them all is when she expertly distributed lots of keywords in just one post. Thank you,

    Owner eCommerce Store Owner
  • Chantall did a WONDERFUL job. She was very responsive and her writing was creative, interesting, and well written. Nice Job Chantall! Thanks.

    Michelle W. eCommerce Store Owner
  • I am over the top thrilled with the blog post you wrote for my website. Chantal took the time to understand my brand positioning statement and with very little direction, wrote a blog article that was on point with my mission. I will definitely be using Chantal for all my blog posts going forward.

    Jeannine Stankovics eCommerce Store Owner
  • Very professional and obviously took the time to research and know her material before just writing anything that came to mind. I will hire her again for another 3 blog posts.

    Neil Bown eCommerce Store Owner
  • I'm very impressed with the blog posts. I've tried buying content before from other services but it's always been kind of crappy. So, 5 stars from me 🙂 And what a relief not having to set them up and add pictures etc. Very convenient, thank you.

    Lilja Thorsteinsdottir eCommerce Store Owner
  • Chantal is an excellent writer and produced an article much better than what I could write myself. I was worried, because I was requesting something on a niche topic (international numbers) - but this was not an issue. I will be a repeat customer.

    Steven Platt eCommerce Store Owner
  • Chantal managed a superb job with the writing that resonates with our readers. She's a gem and we highly recommend her!

    Zac eCommerce Store Owner

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