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How to Get Your Instagram on Fire Review

Instagram is the most powerful tool online, but in order to capitalize on this social media platform, you need to execute an abundance of Instagram tips for fashion bloggers. While the platform itself is as simple as posting a picture with a chic filter and an enticing captioned followed by a flow of trending hashtags, there’s much more to it from a business perspective.

I’ll be the first to admit that my fashion Instagram isn’t the greatest. Since rebranding, it’s been tough. So, I looked online for some high-quality Instagram programs and stumbled across one that really took the cake. The original course is Italian and it’s so successful. Needless to say, I am so excited to see an English version.

Instagram on Fire is the first Italian course followed by celebrities, business leaders and influencers to learn how to grow your own Following Followers and earn well.

I quickly noticed that this could very well be the program that puts my fashion Instagram up there with all the rest. I also want to help you guys along the way. So, here is my Instagram on Fire review on everything you can expect from this online program. Instagram on Fire review

In order to start the Instagram on Fire program, you have to join their mailing list.  They’ll send you a downloaded PDF full of Instagram tips for fashion bloggers, but that’s only the beginning. You’re also sent to a new page which gives you a breakdown of what I am going to essentially be covering in this Instagram on Fire review.

Since Instagram is inarguably one of the most popular social media platforms in 2017, everyone uses it. In other words, there are millions of other people producing the same content you are. So you naturally blend in and get completely lost amongst the crowd of IGers. You need something that is going to make you stand out from all the other fashion bloggers doing what you’re doing. Often times, this takes knowing the platform from a different perspective and having an abundance of Instagram tips for fashion bloggers.

For example, two girls post the exact same photo. However, one girl uses the same filter that she uses for all of her other photos, uses various editing apps to make the fashion selfie flawless, and she carefully plans out her caption and hashtags. But before posting, the same girl makes sure that the time is right and that the majority of her followers or target audience is currently online.  Who do you think would get more likes? Well, it’s a no-brainer. The girl who took time and effort to create an experience with her photo is likely to prevail.

What are the Instagram tips for fashion bloggers?

I just gave away some serious Instagram secrets in the previous paragraph. So I can’t give too many more away. What I can tell you is that the Instagram on Fire program teaches you more than just how to post great photos. It goes through the details of a good profile, tools to use, what hashtags are most beneficial for fashion bloggers and much more. To break it down, here is what you get when you click purchase on my the Instagram on Fire review.

For starters, you get 11 online lessons that are downloaded PDFs, 13 video lessons, and 2 bonus lessons.  To be more specific,  some of the topics included the program are:

  • How to network with popular Instagram influencers
  • The 14 rules for success on Instagram
  • How to earn with advertising
  • Visual Instagram tips for fashion bloggers
  • How not to get banned
  • The Instagram Growth List
  • The best tools to grow your account
  • Strategies to create a bio that converts
  • How to make lead generation on Instagram
  • Hashtags to use on your profile
  • How to earn money
  • Success stories
  • How to use tracking links
  • Access to private Facebook group of more than 2500 members

This is only a sneak peek at the topics covered within the program.  Like I said, I am just doing an Instagram on Fire review and it wouldn’t be fair for me to make all of the valuable information public. However, as you can see the content within the program covers all aspects of a fashion bloggers Instagram. It’s not just about the pictures. It’s Instagram from a business standpoint.

There are people who use Instgram, and people who are Instagrammers.

The business side of this Instagram course is where you learn how to advertise on Instagram, garner interest, and how to find opportunities online. This is, in my opinion, the most important parts.  I am slowly starting to generate leads on my Instagram and since I started this program, I have seen a spike in my offers from fashion companies, other bloggers, sponsorships, etc.

Instagram on Fire Review Bonuses

As mentioned, there are also 2 bonus lessons you get with the Instagram on Fire program. The first one is an interview with a popular social media influencer and how they make $15,000 a month on Instagram. This really is great for anyone who uses Instagram but doesn’t make any money from it. If you have a popular account, you should be making money – no questions asked. However, this bonus combined with the entire program teaches you how to get popular so you can make money. So, even if you have only 100 followers, you can eventually get to a point where you make money. It’s all about being smart with Instagram.

canadian blog, fashion blog, fashion blogger, Instagram, Instagram tips for fashion bloggers, Instagram on Fire reviewThe second one is perfect for all my lovely fashion bloggers out there, as it’s a guide on “How to schedule Instagram posts”. This is really important because once you become popular or want to turn your IG account into a business, you won’t want to be sitting on your phone 24/7. Automation is key to prevailing in the industry.

What most people forget is that you need more than tons of Instagram tips for fashion bloggers. You need to learn how to strategize your content and profile. Create a plan based on statistics and you’ll obtain a high following.
You need more than just tips on how to make a pretty photo. This is why I really like the program. It teaches you crucial Instagram tips for fashion bloggers but also gives you lessons how to turn your IG into a business.
If you’re a little skeptical about making an online purchase, don’t be.  With the program, you get a 60-Day money back guarantee. So, if you’re not happy with the contents (which I’ll be shocked if that’s the case) then you can get a refund.
Bottom line,
you can have an Instagram account or you can be an Instagrammer.
It’s up to you. If it’s the latter, the Instagram on Fire is certainly a great way to learn how to monetize your account. As soon as you do that, you can start finding opportunities and generating income.
canadian blog, fashion blog, fashion blogger, Instagram, Instagram tips for fashion bloggers, Instagram on Fire review
canadian blog, fashion blog, fashion blogger, Instagram, Instagram tips for fashion bloggers, Instagram on Fire review

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