Female Entrepreneurs That’ll Inspire You to Take The Leap

As a female entrepreneur myself, I understand the triumphs and self-doubt that comes with having a new idea. You desperately want to take your life and career into your own hands, but you are scared to leave your comfort zone. This happens to everyone, including your favourite female entrepreneurs, but you rarely hear abut these stories because by the time you learn about the female entrepreneur, it’s their major accomplishments that get highlighted. However, trust me when I say that no successful person has gotten to where they are today without hard work, roadblocks, and self-doubt. The difference is that they persevered and did not let the difficult moments direct their path away from their career goals. So, whether you’re hoping to launch your own blog, become a freelance writer or start a small business, these inspirational female entrepreneurs will give you the motivation needed to do just that.

Chantal McCulligh Turned Her Mental Illness into Her Passion

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It only makes sense to start this article about inspirational female entrepreneurs with myself because I, too, like many of you, have a story. Diagnosed with anxiety and panic disorder at the mere age of 7, I was convinced that dreams couldn’t become a reality for me. I always believed that my anxiety would always serve as a roadblock for all the things I wanted, such as stopping me from becoming a freelance writer and launching an eCommerce store. And because I believed I couldn’t have a real career, I thought that owning a home and having a successful relationship would also be hard to come by. It was, but it wasn’t impossible. I took my “weakness” and turned it into my passion and today, I am helping hundreds of female entrepreneurs do the same while also helping other mental health warriors overcome their battles.


Ursula Burns, CEO at Xerox

If there’s one female businesswomen who has beaten the odds to achieve the life she used to dream of, it’s Ursula Burns, the CEO of Xerox. Today, Ursula is most known for removing the company’s carbon copy reputation, which served as a rebirth for Xerox as a whole.

But before her great success, Ursula had to overcome some major roadblocks. She grew up in public housing in Manhattan’s Lower East Side, where life wasn’t always easy and opportunities were even harder to come by. As Ursula puts it, “Many people told me I had three strikes against me. I was black. I was a girl. And I was poor”. Fortunately, she was blessed with a wonderful mother who always reminded her that where she was didn’t define who she was, and today, Ursula is a leading woman within the tech industry.


Noor Tagouri, Sold in America Podcast

Noor Tagouri is known for many inspirational things. She is a journalist, motivational speaker, activist and producer of a podcast series that tackles sex trafficking in the US, as well as a documentary about the mistreatment of people struggling with mental illnesses. She became the first woman to appear in an issue of Playboy magazine in a Hijab (fully clothed too), and she is only 25-years-old.

Noor is one of those women who is going to change the world even more than she already has and although her focus isn’t strictly on business or the tech industry, her entrepreneurial mind set combined with her brave ambitions is certain to bring many great things in the future.


Sophia Amoruso Went From Rags to Riches

You may have heard about Nasty Gal, a multi-million-dollar vintage clothing store but you may not know the powerful women behind the brand. Sophia Amoruso has never let the lows in life bring her down. Her great success with the clothing store was followed by a major pitfall in 2016, forcing the Nasty Gal owner to file for bankruptcy and selling the company. But this didn’t stop her. She went on to found Girlboss Media, a platform that helps career-oriented women and female entrepreneurs turn their dreams into reality. Today, she is hailed as one of the most inspiring female entrepreneurs.


Oprah Winfrey Beat The Odds

What’s not to love about Oprah Winfrey? Despite the odds against her growing up in a small Mississippi town during the 50s and experiencing child sexual abuse at a young age, Oprah became the first African-American woman and the youngest person to anchor the news at WTFV-TV, which she did at the mere age of 19.

Today, Oprah is one of the wealthiest women in the world due to her successful talk show, movie career, magazine and production company.


Mary Kay Ash Has Changed The Lives of Millions

Mary Kay Cosmetics is a popular name many female entrepreneurs know about, but what may surprise you is the story behind the brand. Mary Kay Ash experienced the unexpected loss of her husband one month before the company launch, but she didn’t let this stop her from building her dream business. Thanks to her positive attitude and ambition, Mary Kay has changed the lives of millions of women across the globe.


And that’s only to name a few. Who are your favourite female entrepreneurs? If you aren’t on your own list, it’s time to change that! Let’s get you started today.

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