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Yummy Products Under $25

Just because you haven’t seen these beauty products on all of the most popular beauty blogs out there doesn’t mean that you should pass them by. Let me kick off the trend because Yummy Skin is my absolute favourite brand for a variety of reasons. Here are the best beauty products to enjoy under $25 from Yummy Skin!

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The Best Make up tips:

  • exfoliate
  • moisturize
  • moisturize
  • moisturize
The scent alone is to die for.

1 – Yummy Skin Body Butter

This is by far my favourite out of all the Yummy Skin beauty products, and I have my family and friends hooked! This body butter leaves your skin feeling soft and smelling delicious instead of greasy like many other brands!

2 – Premium Hand & Body Lotion

Leave a bottle of hand lotion on your desk, and you’re bound to use it! Gone are the days of dry hands. (Guilty!) You can choose from 5 different versions to lather on the yummy elements.

3 – Condition Those Lips, Girl

You just never know when you’re going to cross paths with a man who wants to get a taste of those lips. So, you have to make sure they are soft, lush and yummy! I’m addicted to the Grapefruit lip beauty products!

4 – Foot Soak Spa

There is never a time to let your dry or cracked heels run wild! Soak your feet in Yummy Skin’s all natural beauty products. The lavender elements turn your foot conditioning into a spa treatment right in your tub! Rub’a’dub!

5 – Basic Body Lotion

Sometimes, you just need an au natural body lotion that gets the job done! This is it! The ultra hydrating lotion puts a blast of soft moisturizing elements into your skin, and a delicious scent to boot!

6 – Scrub’A’Dub With Sugar

A second favourite of mine is definitely the sugar scrub beauty products from Yummy Skin! You have to exfoliate, ladies! Soak up the benefits and keep your skin looking and feel smooth and youthful!

If you didn’t notice, all of the Yummy Skin products are natural and animal cruelty free which are certainly elements that can be hard to come across on beauty blogs. I personally recommend these to all my friends and family, and as soon as you get your hands on them, you’ll officially be addicted.




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