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Youtube Has Blessed Me

If I were to quit writing lifestyle blogs tomorrow, I would be satisfied.

Why? Because I know that I made a difference, in just ONE persons life, and that is all I need to live the rest of my life with a smile.
I’m sure you all remember the video where I went and surprised a subscriber of mine with the exact same Jessica Simpson shawl that I have. I didn’t really get into details during the video  because I wasn’t sure if the subscriber wanted the details of the email she had sent to me that pulled at my heart strings to be shared with my viewers.
With that said, Deanna (the subscriber) had to go through brain surgery and was simply telling me how much she loved the Jessica Simpson shawl and how her husband couldn’t find it, except online and it was too expensive. In no way shape or form did her email imply she wants me to get it for her, and this instantly gave me the motivation do it all that much more. Her kind words just went directly into my heart, and within minutes of reading her email, I was dragging Mark into the car telling him we have a mission to find this shawl.
The beautiful Deanna received the package (finally – damn you postal services) and sent me this absolutely tear-jerker of an email, and I sat here crying and emailing her back. Again, she managed to pull at my heart strings. With her permission, she has allowed me to share her experience receiving the package and her sweet words with you all that follow my lifestyle blogs.
  March 26th, 2010

Dearest Chantil,
I’m so sorry for the delay, I was back in the hospital. I’m unable to make a video but please let me paint you a picture.
My husband walks in ICU, I hear him at the nurses station which is right across my bed, it’s all open in ICU. I see him with a small white package. Very groggy I call his name, he comes right away with the nurse and I fall back into a drugged state of sleep (they keep me medicated so I won’t move due to the spinal tap in my back to stop fluid from building up in between my skull and brain.
I woke up what seemed seconds later and had a black shawl resting over my chest. I looked confused but right away knew what it was and started to cry. Curtis hugged me and tried to calm me and I said, No, No, look, not only did Chantil send me this to keep me warm and comfort me. (pulling hairs from the shawl of not only yours but of your beautiful “buddy”) I told him the story of buddy and his eyes teared up. Do you realize what you have done hun?? You have not only encouraged me to get better, your strength and beauty is all around me. and the love of buddy is too. You could not have sent me ANYTHING else that could have done such a beautiful thing. You are so beautiful and selfless. To share something so wonderful and so precious is ….. I don’t have the words… I know it’s strange but I feel so close to you as I sit here with the wonderful, beautiful shawl around me. I don’t dare, and double dare anyone else to wash or remove one single strand of yours or buddy’s hair…(not stalker like, it just gives me such strength)
Something unexpected and remarkable happened after this as well. I wrote to Jessica Simpson and you will never ever ever believe what happened. I don’t know if it was her or one of her many assistants but, TWO!!!! days after writing a long letter explaining to her what you had done, she (or someone) sent me a beautiful letter about you and ….and A TAN SHAW just like the black one!!!!!! and you know what??? SHE/THEY (whoever it was) KNEW OF YOU!!!!!! I am so touched and blessed, and it’s all because of you!!!!! I will share the TWO beautiful shawls and the story when I recover a little better,. I just couldn’t wait in telling you what happened, and all because of you!!!!!
You are a very special person, and I don’t know what, but something amazing will come your way….
Love always


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