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Your Hair Beauty Tips to Finding Love

You’ve heard it before on several beauty blogs – your hair says a lot about you. After all, if you’re walking around with emo-teased hair that literally has your hair standing on ends, then it’s likely that the message you’re sending to people is that you look like the dumpster that you climbed out of. So, it shouldn’t come to you as a surprise that your hair styles could be bringing all the boys to the yard… Or running for their dear lives. Here are the best hair styles and beauty tips that will help you find love.


Don’t Half A$$ It

Hello, 90s. It is time to retired the half-up hair styles. I don’t even remember the last time I legitimately tied half of my hair back, and men don’t like it as much as I do. It gives the appearance that you’re too lazy and you just half a$$ it. Personally, I believe that the look can be pulled off to your benefit by using my beauty tips. Just lightly pull your hair back and clip it instead of being precise, tight and tying it. It sounds absurd but the final appearance is like night and day.


Do Boho Braids

Hair styles that incorporate boho braids show guys that you’re a simple girl who can look fabulous without getting all glammed up. You like to have fun without falling on your face after one too many cosmos! You can go with the flow without getting your panties in a wad.

Don’t Go With a Plain Ponytail

Plain is pretty but not always. Rocking a ponytail really isn’t the look that is going to captivate that guys attention. We love them. You love them. Men don’t… Or at the least, it isn’t the kind of milk shake that brings all the boys to the yard. How could you not adore such simplicity? It’s one of those hair styles that you pull out once the butterflies have worn off.

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Do Sweep ‘Em Away

The sideswept kind of hair styles have been trendy for several years now, so you have probably already perfected these looks. It gives the appearance that you like to get ready for your man without taking over the bathroom for hours on end. Men like an effortless kind of beauty within their girl, and although we know that it takes time, the less they realize that – the better. Sweep your entire one side of hair to the other side, pinning at the back to hold in place or exaggerate that side swept bang to sweep ’em away.

Don’t Be Structured

If you like to fine-teeth comb your hair into a structured up-do, you could be sending men away like you’re wearing a repulsive perfume. No one wants a high maintenance girl. Let it loose, ladies. Apparently structured hair styles are telling boys that you’re too serious, sans the sexy. Updo’s are a total must – I get it. However, don’t tie it so tight and let some pieces fall out of place.

beauty tips, hair styles, beauty blogsDo Loose Curls

My go-to hair styles haven’t failed me once again – not even in the love department. Large hair rollers or 1 1/2 inch curling irons are known for being the sexiest beauty tips any lady can have because men love a lady with loose curls.  It shows a man that you’re confident and sassy, yet sweet and full of life. Keep your curls loose, and not your girls.

My Beauty Blogs Conclusion?

Men like hairstyles that look like you were just roughed up in between the sheets. Eh! I’m just stating the facts. Keep your beauty tips rustled and messy, and watch the boys flock to your side. Good luck, ladies.


Men, did I nail it or does my beauty blog post and beauty tips have it all wrong? Let us ladies know what you think is the sexiest hair styles a girl can have.



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