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Year Is Ending

I get to spend this New Year’s Eve with almost everyone I love. Well, everyone except my parents and some of my friends. How is that damn possible for me to be ringing in the New Year with everyone I love with my boyfriend being across the world, you ask? Oh, the wonders of Skype and technology!

Lack of Motivation

I will start off by saying New Years Eve is completely over-rated and expensive and often people get let down because they have such high expectations. The perfect end of the year for me is spending it with the people I love the most, at one of our homes with our favourite booze and music playing so we can have a rad dance party. If you haven’t noticed, dance parties are a favourite of mine. Honestly, we’ll be standing in line at a grocery store and someones cell phone will ring. No, not ring a song… but ring an actual telephone ring, and my best friend and I will start dancing to it. Right there. In the middle of the store. We make music and dance parties out of everything. We’re pretty awesome.
Okay, off topic.

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New Years Thousands of Miles Apart

I have wanted to ring in the New Year with Jon for, well always, but even more so since he has left. I thought that there would be no chance in hell that Jon would let me. He’s the type that would encourage me to go out and have fun, but I wouldn’t be going out regardless because that’s just not my scene on New Years. So I mentioned it to Jon, with my fingers crossed expecting one of his self created life quotes like “Chantal, life is short. Go and have fun!”… but to my surprise Jon would like to ring in the New Year together. Well, it’ll be my New Year’s Eve and his hungover New Year Day. But at least we will be “together”. So I am very excited to get a drunken (for me) hungover (for him) video call and kiss my manizzle over the screen on New Years.

Cheesy, I know. But when someone you love is million gazillion miles away, you have to work with what you have. I think it speaks volumes that we want to spend my New Years Eve like this.

What are your plans for New Years Eve?

Now don’t get upset! I am definitely still dressing to the nine’s and wearing fabulous shoes and looking hot as all hell. Just because I’m not going out-out doesn’t mean that I won’t be looking absolutely balling!


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