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I’m Insane When It Comes to Drunk Driving

I’ve known what I wanted to go on some “rants about it” for this week’s lifestyle blogs post for a very long time. How, you ask? Well because I seriously go on   rants all the time. Although I write a lot of comedy blog posts, this one is actually extremely rattling and not about hilarious stories at all. I figure this is the best time to bitch about it because ‘tis the season to bring the drunks out on the road. Yes, I cannot stand drunk driving.

Some of my friends seriously call me the “drunk driving nazi” because I am on people’s butts all the time about getting behind the wheel after they have had one too many drinks. Throughout my latest rants to Florida, I discovered how normal it is to grab some drinks and then drive home plastered. It drove me insane.

There is one thing that drives me the most insane when it comes to drunk driving. I cannot stand people who update their social media accounts to alert other drivers about road traps. It’s basically telling people, “Don’t drive here if you’re drunk driving because you’ll get busted.” Well, hello! You should get caught ’cause you’re an idiot.

I simply have never understood the need to get behind the wheel after drinking. All it takes it one person’s life to be taken. It’s disgusting how inconsiderate people are, and with the season full of holiday drinks, I hope everyone takes a little bit of extra time to think about alternative ways to get home after having one too many holiday drinks.

So, to the jerks out there who update their social media statuses to alert other drivers about road traps to catch drunk driving, you better think twice. That drunk driver who skipped the ride program may end up killing someone you know.  Then how would you feel? It wouldn’t be all funny stories then, now would it?

That’s what I thought… Dummy!

If you are rattled about something or have hilarious stories, and want to share your story, please email me at or with your story and pictures! I can’t wait to hear you rant about it!



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