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As many of you may know, I am absolutely in love with the store, Winners and often shop there… like every day. haha. However, I had opinion-changing experience there on Friday and am very bitter about the experience and decided to share it with you. I was at the mall doing some bank stuff and it suddenly got extremely cold outside, in which I just happened to be also spending the night outside. I brilliantly think this is an amazing opportunity for me to justify going shopping at non-other then my all-time favourite store… Winners. Turns out this was a bad idea.

Dramatic, but this is definitely the expression they got out of me. I bought a $70 Tommy Hilfiger sweater momentarily before the store closed. They were also experiencing the debit machines down, so I even walked back to the bank, got cash, and went back and waiting in a 20 minute line to make this purchase. I’m dedicated, right? It was cold, and I needed a sweater! Plans changed, and I ended up not going out – so I didn’t realize the hole in it, until the following day which was Saturday. No big deal, I thought. I would bring it back and they would honour a refund, exchange or discount. I mean, I am in there all the time spending hundreds, and they all know me by name there. No big deal, right? WRONG. 
I worked until 2 in the afternoon on Saturday, so I didn’t get to Winners until about 4pm. I brought the sweater, tags and receipt with me – which also shows I purchase this damaged sweater not even 24 hours ago. To my disgust, the manager offered a one dollar discount. A one freaking dollar discount! Are you serious? No exchange, no refund… a $1 discount for a $70 sweater I bought less then 24 hours ago. I also know for a fact that there were plenty of the same sweaters I could have exchanged it for. I was not a very happy camper. The poor girl who had to be the bear of bad news always rings me through, she was also very shocked. I am in there buying stuff almost every day – but that’s besides the point. I bought this yesterday evening, had the tags and receipts… some sort of customer service should have been offered. Isn’t that what their job title entails?
So here I sit, with a hole in my sweater, cranky, disappointed and disrespected. I will definitely reconsider next time I go shopping as to whether or not to walk into the doors of Winners.
Winners definitely turned into Losers for me.  

Update: Today, Sunday, I decided to go back to the Winners and try one more time with this sweater ordeal. Unfortunately the same manager was there, fortunately she did not assist me. I explained the situation of yesterday and was told, by a different manager, that I can definitely exchange the sweater. And get this, they’ve never even heard of a $1 discount! And… they didn’t even need my receipt to do an exchange, although I did have it. I am happy this particular manager provided customer service, but I am even more upset that I now know the manager yesterday intentionally did not provide anything of the sort.

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