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Winter Mitten Reminiscing… What?!

Say hello to the beginning of this fashion blog week. Don’t worry, it was just as dreadful for me too! I seriously just don’t wake up. I am totally that person that turns off the alarm, mid sleep and never remember doing so and this morning was absolutely one of those days. I’m blaming it on the chill in the air though. I know that I always boast about how I love fall, and I really do, but I need some kind of excuse. Just let me use it, okay?

This past weekend was pretty relaxing for me. I took a nice walk down by the river with my manizzle and pup and it was the first time, in a long time, that I searched my house for a pair of mittens. Can you believe that? Fall is definitely here and it’s going to be flying by and snow will be getting dumped on us in no time. It seems so unreal that just a week or two ago, I was basking like a sea lion on my dock up north and now, I am rummaging through a box of mittens that I would never dare to wear again, and some that I just can’t wait to slip on. Crazy how the times change, eh? And let’s get serious here… I rocked some of my mittens inside my house for a bit. Don’t hate. Sometime your fashion favourites make you do silly things!fashion, winter, fall, seasons, mittens, canadian, tim hortons, fashion blog,


As I was on my hunt for, specifically, my faux fur mittens, it got me thinking about other kind of mittens that I want for these upcoming fashion seasons. Everyone knows that I seriously love faux fur, and I’m usually not one that is willing to wear the all 5-finger mittens  unless I’m going tobogganing (ahem taboozing) but I decided that I would keep an open mind.

However, that didn’t last long. I’m definitely just going to stick with my faux fur mittens and let me just tell you, I am uber excited to be able to wear them on a daily basis. Oh, that gives me warm chills. The moments where you walk outside with a cute hat on, nice comfy mittens and a warm hot chocolate from Tim Hortons. It’s totally a Canadian thing.

Am I honestly talking about mittens in September? I know! I’m asking myself that too. Am I effin crazy? Has the brisk fall air gotten to my head already? Potentially. It was a pretty chilly walk this past weekend and I have vowed to not let my little fingers freeze again. The nights are getting cold, damnit!

fashion, winter, fall, seasons, mittens, canadian, tim hortons, fashion blog,

I am kind of laughing as I write this because here I am reminiscing about the fabulousness of fall and winter, yet in a months time, I’m going to want to be stabbing my frozen eye balls out with my frozen hands because the cold freaking sucks and freezes my soul and heart black.

Wow. How optimistic of me, eh?

It’s Monday. Let’s not forget. It is Monday.

On another note, I do want to know what really gets you excited about fall and winter seasons. Is is the fashion? The lights? The snow? The chill? Let me know in the comment section below! I’d love to see if you guys have favourite moments that I have never heard of before!


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