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Why You’ll Be Obsessed With FabFitFun Monthly Box

Two Words:

In Love.

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Just last week, I received my very first beauty box from FabFitFun that is full of beauty products, fashion stuff, goodies and basically everything a girl could ever want. It’s one of those subscription boxes that sends you a bunch of amazing goodies from all kinds of different brands every so often. Well, the FabFitFun beauty box definitely has amazing beauty products and makeup, but it goes beyond that; and well beyond what you’ve seen any other kind of subscription boxes do.

Caution: You’re going to become absolutely obsessed.

beauty products, makeup, beauty box, subscription boxes,

How adorable is this beauty box though? Totally on point with our girly ways, eh? This picture shows one of the first things I noticed that is different about Fab Fit Fun, and definitely one of the best elements. There are a lot of ‘give back’ opportunities, or at the very least, more meaning to the products than just the latest and greatest from off the shelf.

beauty products, makeup, beauty box, subscription boxes,

This is what the goodies were inside of the Fall beauty box, and at first glance, it’s just amazing beauty products and lifestyle must-haves, right? Nope. See those little socks in the box? They’re not just socks, but they’re in support of those fighting Breast Cancer. Plus, with the FFF box, you receive an additional 2 free pairs if you make a purchase.  Here are some other awesome things that make these subscription boxes better than the rest:

beauty products, makeup, beauty box, subscription boxes,

  • Coupons, discounts and exclusive offers of items received in the box.  (Like 3 months off of free fitness programs!)
  • A reveal guide that breaks down each products that you receive and why it’s amazing.
  • A trending guide of challenges to join in on with your social media. (#FallFoodieChallenge is one and you get an apron in this box)
  • A variety of different products – not just beauty – it’s a lifestyle box.
  • Beauty products, makeup, snacks, creams, teas, clothing, accessories, crafts – so much more.

beauty products, makeup, beauty box, subscription boxes,I definitely had to set a part of this beauty blogs post to my favourite item inside the beauty box. It is from Gramr and basically brings back hospitality and consideration of the past. In this months package, I receive a pack of Thank You Notes and a stamp sealer for the enveloped that has been used since the beginning of time! I’m talking Kings and Queens used to write letters and seal it with these kind of stamps. Plus, it’s just super awesome and totally unique. I’m obsessed. Can you tell?

beauty products, makeup, beauty box, subscription boxes,

Do you want me to write you a letter?

I am going to be writing a letter to 4 people who comment on this blog post, sharing who/what/where etc. they are thankful for.


P.S. The lip gloss beauty products in this fall box is amazing. It’s almost like a stain, so instead of your lips looking like they’re slopping wet in gloss, it looks like your bouche is naturally beautiful. 


2 Responses
  • Warren
    October 17, 2014

    I really like the stamp idea. Long gone are the days of actually writing letters.

  • Samantha
    October 20, 2014

    I want to enter for the letter-
    I am really thankful for living where i do on a lovely farm in the middle of nowhere and having an amazing boyfriend and also my amazing little nephew who i love to pieces!

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