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Slather 24K Gold on your Skin

Gold obsessed. That’s what I am. Everything in my life is officially gold. My nails are gold; my water bottle is gold; my jewelry is gold; my phone case is gold, my hair is gold… Well, it’s blonde – but close enough! If it could be sparkling gold, I’m sure I would get it done. But the craziest thing that in my life right now that is gold is my skin care.

Yes, I put 24k gold on my face.

Now don’t be silly, ladies. I don’t rub massive bars of gold on my face. Although, I wouldn’t put it past me either. Instead, I’ve been using Allegresse 24K Gold Silhouette Moisturizer and for many amazing reasons.

I’m all about that natural life – as you should know by now. Chemicals and toxins just aren’t my thing, and they certainly shouldn’t be yours either because parabens in beauty products are dangerous!

But still, why gold, you ask?

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For starters, Allegresse beauty products are cruelty free (yay for animals!), have no parabens, sodium lauryl sulfates, petroleum, mineral oils and all of that other nonsense. Basically, the worst that can be found in so many beauty products isn’t included in these. Gold star for that!

Now, let’s talk about what ingredients can be found in these beauty products – GOLD! And trust me, there are plenty of benefits of gold skin care.

      1. Natural Glow

When you put gold beauty products on your skin, you get a natural healthy glow without having to use bronzer and highlighter and all that other nonsense.

     2. Reduce Wrinkles and Fine Lines

I’ not sure if you’ve noticed… But I’ve gotten older. I’m 3 years away from dirty thirty, so it’s about time I start thinking about anti-aging beauty products. Gold can activate the fight off the cells that are taking the elasticity in your skin, and with more elasticity you get less wrinkles, blemishes, fine lines and youthful skin!

    3.  Prevent Aging

With that said, I don’t have any wrinkles yet… That I know of. But I truly believe the key to youthful, healthy skin is PREVENTION. Dry skin can actually lead to premature aging, so the moisturizing elements of Allegresse are a total must, but the gold reduces dryness even more. Thank the skin care God.

    4. Get That Blood Flowing

Gold also has ions which stimulates the veins, nerves and cells in your body to get that blood circulation flowing. This increases your metabolism and secretion of waste (poop!), making you feel as healthy as you (now) look.

    5. Gold Skin Care Dates Back Centuries

Oh, yeah! Take a look into the past, and you’ll quickly find out that Cleopatra apparently used gold masks every night to keep her looking beautiful and glowing.



Stay gold, pony boy!

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Subscribe to my Youtube Channel for more GOLD! I’ll be posting a video about my top 5 must have gold beauty products shortly. So, get on that ladies!


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