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First Steps in Florida

Guess what?! 

I’m home!

YAY! Exciting, right? I know that I have totally pooped the bed on you guys while I was in Florida but not only did the internet suck most of the time, I was also traveling all over the state and completely loving life. I mean I do totally love you guys, but I needed this.

Okay, so Florida was amazing. I’m aiming to move there for September because I promised my parents to stay here til September and help them out at the cottage. Plus,it’ll be warm here so whatevs. It’ll work, right?

I have so much to tell you and there’s no way in hell that it’ll all fit in one blog and I don’t want to totally bore you guys. All I can tell you is that I have never had such a passionate time with myself. I have never loved my lifeharder. I have never smiled so bright and been so content with such simple blogs,

Florida changed me and my life forever. I realized so many things that I never knew, and admitted things that I painfully denied.

I came to reality and I feel amazing. I feel free and on top of the world. Nothing can describe the way it smells, feels or sounds and to be honest, words won’t even get close to the experience.

I woke up every morning after falling asleep with the balcony door open so I could hear the ocean waves crash, walked out onto the balcony and looked right out onto the ocean with the sun shining and said good morning. GOOD morning. I thought about why I’m not having this every single day and why I’m not giving myself this kind of happiness each and every second of my life.

There’s nothing holding me back. I want a fresh start. No past. No Bullshit. Fresh. Florida.

My parents always said, “we can’t tell you how it is because words won’t do justice – but know that you’ll love it.”  Day one, I arrived, travel blogs, looked up at the sunshine and said, “I’M MOVING HERE!” And my love for the sun and ocean only grew stronger every single day.

Florida, here I come.

I’m alive. I’m strong. I’m in love.

In love with myself.

In love with my life.

And that’s it.

I’ll be posting a lot more about my outdoor adventures in Florida on my travel blogs posts – Daytona Beach, Jacksonville, Fort Lauderdale, St. Augustine and Orlando throughout the weeks coming so you better come back.

Or I’ll get cha!

3 Responses
  • samantha
    April 20, 2012

    I tried to move to floida, but couldn’t get the citizenship(also canadian) I couldn’t go for more then a 6month vacation. So I ended up going to queensland in australia where I was allowed to get a working visa for 12 months. But how are you managing to live there when you Canadian, I would love any feed back cause me and my fiance wanted to move to florida so badly.

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