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Cheap Clothes That You Should Wear

Leggings are the epitome of my fashion style wardrobe, and if you are stuck wondering what to wear with leggings, I am totally your girl and this fashion blogs post is going to change your wardrobe. I am all for those comfortable days in a matte black pair of cheap clothing cotton tights, knee high socks, furry animal print slippers, and an oversized sweater. However, I’m also the first one to dress up my sequin LBD with fishnet stockings, or throw a loose tank over my faux leather leggings. Whether you want to know what to wear with leggings for a day vegging out, a casual and chic look, or for a killer time out on the town – This  fashion blogs lookbook ideas are all about tights!

Tights and leggings are the one thing of cheap clothing that you must own!

Although your booty looks super fabulous in those tights, cover it up. No one wants to see your hoo-ha!

The Cheap Clothes of Fashion Style Black Leggings


This is a cheap clothing lookbook that is a casual look that is comfortable for days on the couch, and stylish enough to run errands in. Here are the key tips to remember:

  • Anything goes – Almost anything will look good with matte, cotton tights
  • Spruce the outfit up with some cute booties. (I’m not a flat-kind-of-girl)
  • Accessorize to fit your personal taste
  • Affordable! These are some of the best cheap clothing options out there

Fashion Style Leggings That Are Graphic

An edgy, daring style that plays with graphic tights can be hard to pull off. Here are some key lookbook tips to remember:

  • Keep everything other than the tights fairly simple
  • Pick a colour from the tights or contrasting hue and run with it
  • Keep your makeup classic to avoid a joker-appearance

Lookbook With Leggings That Are Fishnet

This is typically my fashion blogs go-to look for the bar. You have to be careful when deciding what to wear with cheap clothing options that are fishnet, because this is a material that can quickly take your look from runway to raunchy within seconds. With that said, I only ever wear fishnet tights with an appropriate length dress to ensure that I don’t look like a hoochie mama. If you remember anything, never wear fishnet tights with a long tank or tee. There’s too much risk for booty cleavage. Here are key tips to remember:

  • Fishnet leggings that cut off at the ankle are awkward
  • Never wear pumps or peep toes with tights that go over your feet
  • Boots will help cut out the raunchy and emphasize the runway
  • Keep the rest of the outfit chic and classy to enjoy the feminine side of fishnet

Leggings That Are Faux Leather or Denim

Faux leather and denim are versatile and can be worn casually or wildly. Here are key tips to remember:

  • If the tights have a shine, select only matte pieces for the rest of your outfit

What To Wear With Leggings That Are Shimmery

Shimmering tights can be hard to work with, but are fun if you can style it flawlessly. Here are some key tips to remember:

  • Keep the shimmer in the tights
  • Avoid sequins or super detailed pieces

Are you a leggings-kind-of-lady? Tell me which one of these outfits is your favourite, and what key tips you follow to know what to wear with leggings – in the comment section below! xo


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