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Fashion Trends & Accessories For The Brides To Be

In this week’s fashion blogs post, it’s all about wedding fashion trends and gowns. Tons of my friends have been getting married or engaged, and I might have another quarter life crisis if I don’t meet the man of my dreams soon. Every girl can relate to dreaming of their big day, and married or or not, engaged or single, we simply like to look at all of the wedding fashion trends and ideas.

I wanted to steer clear of the wedding fashion trends for dresses because there are way too many gowns to adore and this post would be never ending. So instead, I have gone and found the ultimate accessories that I think every bride-to-be needs to get.  It is your one day to be the Cinderella that you have always dreamed of being, ladies. Indulge away. Pffft… Budget… What is that? I think it is uber important to be unique and different when it comes to dressing for your wedding. You need to rock a style that has made that man fall head over heels in love with you!

Fashion Trends Fave – Wedding Veils

The really interesting thing is that despite all of the ever changing wedding fashion trends, wedding veils have always been a total must-have item. I personally really enjoy the short style of veils that are nice and puffy. It’s like a Bump It only with the fabric yet still has that classic wedding feel. Although I think the short, 50s era inspired wedding veils are super chic as well. Especially this one with the feather elements. Sex-ay! It’s such a classic.

Fashion Blogs Love Bridal Headpieces

I’m all for the wedding tiaras when it comes to bridal headpieces. Weddings are like Cinderella’s ball and everyone knows that a princess needs a sparkle of glam and glitter. Confession: I wear tiara’s on my birthday nights out! So, I’ll definitely be using this site for my upcoming April birthday. Who needs a wedding, right? Although I am all for the sparkling tiaras, I really like the trend of flowers and feathers, and 50s era inspired hats.

Wedding Gloves

Again, princess’ need wedding gloves, right? The long, classic totally-Cinderella wedding gloves always pull at my heart strings. Add a little bit of sparkle on them and they‘re totally fit for the modern day. However, I probably won’t be a wedding glove wearer on my big day, so I appreciate that there are some that offer very minimal details so they don’t take away from the gown. On the contrary, you can get some totally vibrant styles that come in all different kinds of material and colours. To each their own right?


It seems to be that the trend of wedding fashion is definitely 50s inspired modern chic, and I am in love with it! Is it bad if that I want to get married just so I could indulge in the wedding fashions? I’ll write all about it on my Canadian fashion blogs! Jokes aside… Can you image how many wedding posts you’ll be getting once I do actually settle down (Yeah right)!

Comment below and let me know what your favourite trend is and if you are married or engaged, where are you seeking all of your inspiration from?



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