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We Swapped Bed…Rooms!

maltese, shih tzu, cute dog, divaPhew! What a day! I’m sure you guys already noticed my lack of facebook fanpage and tweets today. It’s been a busy one! I wish I could say that I spent my day like Diva, lying around in tall, dead grass wearing an absolutely adorable Valentine’s Day sweater… but I can not. Instead, I spent my day in dirty grubs, sweating my ass off moving rooms with my room mate.

You know how I always say that we have a totally random friendship? Well I woke up (late) today as I couldn’t manage to stop pressing my snooze button. I seriously think that I have a problem. After allowing myself to sleep in 2 hours past my alarm and pressing snooze every 10 minutes, I got up… walked outside of my bedroom and shouted, “HERRRO!” to Marlene. Nothing unusual about that. It was a pretty typical morning for us. Ha.. “morning” as it was absolutely in the afternoon. I then looked into Marlene’s room which I adore so much. Well, I adore the size and the en suite bathroom. Can I get a hollller? This is how our conversation went after I said “herro”.

“Wanna switch rooms?”

“Sure! When?”

“Right now?”


*Shook Hands*

And there you have it. We raised my end of the rent a bit as I am obviously reeling in more benefits and space, and we got moving. My desk (Jon’s desk that I made pink zebra) finally gave out on me. Garbage it went. (Sorry, Jon). Since my new room is super hu-mungo and I work from home, I had to go get another one. So XS Cargo here I come. (Proud moment for Jon when he reads this).

Now I have this gorgeous room, with a room divider separating my office and a fab bathroom all to myself! No more wrapping a towel around me when I have to pee in the middle of the night! I mean, I really don’t care but that might totally freak the eff out of Marlene if she randomly came out of her room to my naked arse walking around! But now!

But now!roomies, roommates,

But now!

I can be nekked all the time!

It’s an exciting moment. Don’t lie. You’re a little jealous.

I’m going to have to do a new room tour!! Although I only have two new things, it’s definitely a whole new room!

You know what today reminded me of though? When you used to “move” into your siblings bedrooms and completely swap bedrooms.

2 Responses
  • juanito
    February 8, 2012

    I will be looking forward to your ” new room vlog!” I think it was the other one where there were orbs appearing in your video. Which brings me to the question, will you be doing any more Paranormal Video’s? I also enjoyed your paranormal experiences. I could talk about that sort of stuff, like forever.

  • Ashley
    February 10, 2012

    haha I use to do that to, I think I’ve been in every single bedroom now except for my parents. Now I am back in the room I started with.

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