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Walmart Inspired Fashion

warewolf, wolfman, walmart, tail, fashion, shopping, ordinary

OK, I know that everyone under the sun has had their moment  at Walmart where you spot something totally absolutely…. out of the ordinary. Oh, but it’s not just something out of the ordinary, it’s something out of the ordinary – on someone out of the ordinary. It’s like an out of the ordinary explosion.


Yes – that was my attempt at an explosion. Okay, before I show you what happened to me today that inspired my Walmart fashion blog post, if you haven’t heard of, or seen the  fashion blog, People of Walmart – please do so because it’s furrreaking hilarious and so true. It’s as if people all around the world make Walmart their own fashion runway show to promote their unique style. “Unique” style.

First and foremost, I am so not hating on this dude and I blocked out his face because obviously I don’t want to embarrass or exploit anyone. However, this was picture worthy. I’m pretty sure this guy is convinced that he is, indeed, a wolf. He had a collar on, a wolf shirt and then…. if you take a little look at his backside, he has a wolf tail! Yes. That is a tail, placed where a tail would be on a wolf. This guy thinks he is a wolf. I swear. HE BELIEVES THAT HE IS A WOLF!  Okay, maybe not but he must really, really, really like wolves. That’s like me really liking perfumes and dressing up as a perfume bottle. Just sayin’

Once we got back home, and by “we” I don’t mean me and wolfman, rather me and manizzle, we were eating dinner – in separate rooms because that’s how we roll (weird, I know) and all of a sudden, I come running full speed across my apartment, into my bedroom where manizzle was and declared exciting,


It was funny. Maybe you had to be there. It was the most important words that have ever left my mouth. However, as I mentioned, I’m totally not hating on this wolfman. In fact, all the credit to him because he doesn’t care what people think and he quick potentially eats dead animals – no bigs. Honestly though, the most important thing to remember when it comes to fashion is…

To each their own. 

As for me, I’ll bypass on any Walmart inspired fashion. I’m also going to bypass becoming an animal and stick to my faux fur vests, and boots. That’s the closest you are to going to see me looking furry and like an animal.However, I do “rawr” a lot.

… and meow.

I wonder where you buy those tail things. I hope it’s not at some freaky sex shop. Awwwwkwwardd.

Aside from stalking wolfman through Walmart trying to snap a picture of his ridiculous… errr… I mean… unique fashion, I did some grocery shopping too! It really doesn’t matter what kind of shopping I’m doing… if it involves me spending money and getting something new, I love it. It’s even better when I get to spend someone else’s money. However, that doesn’t happen. Harumph. (Calling all rich men, please call me at 555-luv-mola) I’m just kidding. Honestly. But only about the money part. I love me some good shopping.

I usually don’t do grocery shopping by myself… and for this exact reason…

I’m not scared of how much money I spent on groceries. I’m scared of the look that I’m going to get from manizzle when he finds out. Ooops.

warewolf, wolfman, walmart, tail, fashion, shopping, ordinary, fashion blog,


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