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Valentines Day Ideas Makeup Tutorial

Ack! Valentine’s Day is literally right around the corner. Is seems like it has totally creeped up on us! Luckily, I have the perfect Valentines day ideas when it comes to makeup. Whether you are having a veg night with the honey on the couch, taking to a fine dining restaurant and need to rock your most poise appearance, or anything in between – I have the perfect makeup tutorial for you. Here are the three best looks that will work with wherever your babe is taking you.


Go Casual & Add In That Pop Of Red

One of the most classic, and in my opinion, best options of makeup -for any day, is the very natural appearance with a blast of color in your lips. It is similar to the Marilyn Monroe appearance, and it will make your lips 10 x’s more kissable. It is the holiday for smooching, right?

Makeup Tutorial Beauty Tips To The Trick

  • Nude shadow
  • Thin line of winged black eyeliner
  • Avoid bronzer but add in a peak of pink blush
  • Rich hue of red on those lips, ladies!
  • Add a little more glam into the look and paint your nails in the same tone of red

No Slump & No Snob Makeup Tutorial

This is a fabulous look if you are heading to a dinner and movie kind of night with your man for Valentines Day. It isn’t too basic because you want to look a little more glamourus than you do on a day-to-day basis, and it isn’t too formal that will have you looking like you’re ready for the club… At a movie theatre. Tacky, right?

Makeup Tutorial Beauty Tips To The Trick

  • Stick with neutral tones to deter the nightclub smoky eye look
  • Add some liner, making it wider at the outer corners of your eyes
  • Curl those lashes after you’ve put on a killer coat of mascara
  • Splash on your favourite kind of lip gloss

Smoky Eyes Are a Must Have For Formal

If you are wearing a cocktail dress, sparkling clutch and high heel stilettos for Valentine’s Day – chances are that your boyfriend has planned something a little more formal for the both of you. Hey! Maybe the sparkle within your outfit will come back to you in the gift. Hello, Tiffanys! My fingers are crossed for you.

When it comes to your makeup for a formal night, the smoky eye is always a go-to. Celebs do it for the runway and red carpet, and us ‘normal’ people do it for… Well, whenever we get the chance, right?  It adds that elegant and rich appearance that often goes hand-in-hand with formal events.

Makeup Tutorial Beauty Tips Do The Trick

  • Use darker shadows on the outer corners of your eyes
  • Liner that thickens at the outer corners of your eyes
  • Big lashes and curl those bad boys
  • Contour and highlight
  • Blend like a bitch
  • Add a pop of white under your eyebrow to get a good contrast
  • Play around with different lip colours to ensure  that you get a look of a beauty and not like a beast.

There you have it ladies. Whatever Valentines Day ideas your man has hidden up his sleeves, these three makeup tutorial ideas will certainly have his jaw dropped on the floor.

If you need some last minute Valentines Day ideas for outfits, check out my fashion style blog.


Did you get your boyfriend anything for Valentines Day? Is he keeping everything a secret? Comment below and share how you think your lovely Friday is going to turn out.

Me? Oh, I’ll just be sulking in my bed with a container of ice cream and a bottle of wine… Or 2. Kidding! For the single ladies, dress up and go out with your ladies. No one deserves to get upset over a Hallmark holiday. Come hang out with my on Facebook!



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