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The Best Natural Beauty Tips Using Coconut Oil


I see that you’ve stumbled upon the internet to do a marvelous search for natural beauty tips that involve coconut oil, and well, that has led you here to y incredible beauty blogs section. You have definitely come to the right place to get all the inside nitty gritty on incredible and totally random uses of 100% Coconut Oil.

While other people go right to the shelves of their local drugstore to gather all the beauty products that read some jargon, you’re a step ahead of them by going the natural route.

For Your Makeup Beauty Products

  • Remove Makeup –  Coconut oil will even get stubborn waterproof mascara off.
  • Clean your makeup brushes with half antibacterial soap, half 100% Coconut Oil.

Natural Skin Beauty Tips With Coconut Oil

    • Body Lotion – The perfume that makes body lotions smell good actually decreases the effectiveness. Opt for natural beauty products like coconut oil.
    • Natural lip balm – Perfumes also degrade the quality of your lip moisturizers. Use pure coconut oil instead and enjoy a natural shine.
    • Eye Cream – Purchasing creams specifically for your eyes is expensive. Not anymore! Use a dab to clear up those under eye bags and lines caused from dry skin.
    • Night cream – same as the previous, purchasing “night cream” beauty products can get super expensive. Reap the benefits of coconut oils’ antioxidants instead and smooth those fine lines and wrinkles while you snooze.
    • Body Scrub – mix coconut oil with sugar to get that exfoliating goodness.
    • Treat dark spots and blisters.
    • Prevent stretch marks.

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  • Massage oil – hey, we all need a little rub down sometimes. Men, get on it!
  • Bath oil – a splash or glob and your skin will be soaking up the 100% Coconut Oil while in the bath.
  • Itch Relief for things such as; burns, bug bites, and bruises.
  • Diaper cream
  • Treat cradle cap
  • As a natural sun screen – it’s no SPF 50, but it does decrease your chances of burning. (Its equivalent to SPF 4)
  • Treat athlete’s foot.
  • Can help sooth psoriasis or eczema.
  • Can help reduce appearance of varicose veins.
  • Can help get rid of cellulite.
  • Soothes the itch of chicken pox or poison ivy.
  • Anti-aging facial moisturizer

Flawless Hair Beauty Products

  • Natural hair serum – tame those fly aways with a dime size amount of 100% Coconut Oil. (avoid your roots)
  • Enhances your eyelashes!!! (My fave!)
  • Leave in hair conditioner – just use a small glob
  • Use as shaving cream and razor burn and ingrown hairs.
  • Dandruff treatment – the moisturizing elements provide scalp treatment to decrease dandruff.
  • Deep hair repair therapy – make it warm (microwave) and lather your hair for 30 minutes.
  • Stimulates hair growth!

Other Natural Beauty Tips

  • Give your cuticles and nails a little TLC by rubbing coconut oil at the base of your nails. Goodbye, cracked cuticles.
  • Get pearly whites natural sans the sensitive teeth that comes from drugstore products. Mix in some baking soda with coconut oil for a natural whitener.
  • Help treat acne.
  • Deodorant – If people are telling you to put your arms above the air and spell “BOBO” out loud, mix 100% Coconut Oil with arrowroot powder, baking soda and cornstarch. Add a splash of scented oil if you desire a smell.
  • Treat  yeast infections
  • As a natural personal lubricant that won’t disturb your yahoo.
  • Can help lessen arthritis.

Benefits of Internal Uses

  • Natural energy supplement – mix with chia seeds for an extra boost.
  • Healthy thyroid function.
  • Boosts metabolsim.
  • Boosts a healthy brain.
  • Helps disgestion.
  • Can improve insulin levels.
  • Cold and Flu recovery – add some in your tea.
  • Improve sleep.
  • Helps soothe throat when in tea.
  • Increases absorption of calcium and magnesium.
  • Can help with depression and anxiety.
  • Boosts circulation.



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