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Ready to Start my Adventure Holidays But My uHaul Broke

When all else fails…


Clean your ears!


 travel blog, adventure holidays

Seriously, the only thing about this following picture on my travel blog…

travel blog, adventure holidays

Is that I will only ever take the “Other guys advice” again. Oh uhaul uhaul. Usuck. Ufail. Ubreak. Uscam. UNoGood. Honestly. After a morning of hauling ass up and down flights of stairs with boxes, do you think that I really wanted to sit around in my parking lot for an hour when I am eager to get my adventure holidays started? I don’t have anything better to do. No need to worry. Uhaul uhaul nothing. Ustuck.

Here’s what happened in a nut shell. There’s cords on the sides of the door on a uhaul uhaul truck. Well, they apparently spent the last months unravelling and it just so happened that it quit when I was in possession of the uhaul uhaul. Now, here’s the kicker. That’s not damage. The uhaul gave up on it’s own wear and tear… Nothing to do with me, or anyone previously. Simply, maintenance should have been done, right?

Well “uhaul uhaul nothing” doesn’t think so. In fact, they argued that we should pay for the repair man that we had to wait an hour for. (Although, he was bomb ass. Pssst I told you I’d put you in here!)

Long story short, if you’re the unlucky bastard who has a uhaul uhaul truck when it decides to break, well for lack of better words, you’re trucked. Like how I did that? I’m being dead serious though. They believe that if you don’t opt for their $15 insurance for damages, you can cover all of their repairs, even if they’re not your fault…. Even if they’re not damages that you DID. Uhaul uhaul won’t be getting my money (Or my step dad’s money, rather) anymore. And listen, between us three kids, we’re like gypsies. Lost us. Bye bye. Uhaul uhaul ass somewhere else.

 travel blog, adventure holidays

Eventually, I spent some snuggling time with my beautiful nephew before I continued on my madwoman rampage to get everything done for the beginning of my road trip. P.S. How do you like that hair? Rawrrrrr.

I made it… Half way. I’m currently in Tennessee and heading to the Ripleys Aquarium in Gatlinburg. The dogs need a rest and apparently so do I. You should “Like” this post for being classy and sleeping in parking lots. Oh yeah. I’m that girl. Listen, I need my beauty rest. Especially once you see the video on my Youtube of the trip… You’ll believe that I didn’t get enough beauty rest for my road trip. Ewwie. I look scary. Maybe that’s why people were looking at me funny.

travel blog, adventure holidays


Jokes aside though, the road trip has begun, as has my adventures holidays, and I can’t wait to end up in my happy place which is Florida, of course. Although you’re sitting, road trips are killer exhausting. Just be happy you got this post because everyone else got an email that read something along the lines of…


“Here. Alive. Now dieing. Dieing. Dieing. Dead. Bed. Bye… Love you.”


Diva panted the whole time and stubborn Princeton does not like anything out of his element. He does not like being pushed out of his bubble. He’s a scaredy cat. He even turned down a McNugget because he’s a depressed little guy right now. Oh, Princeton.


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