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Twist and Pout

I know, I’ve been such a sack with updating my beauty blogs this week. Today’s also the super bowl. Holla! Who’s watching? I usually just watch it for the commercials and half time show. Let’s get serious here, football isn’t my think. I usually yell touchdown anytime a play stops.

Beauty Blogs Avoiding Malls Is Wrong

It might be wrong… But it’s been happening for these beauty blogs! I have been avoiding the mall like a plague. I haven’t shopped in so long that I am seriously going through withdrawals, but I have to start saving some money. It feels damn good to have my credit card paid off though. It’s a feeling I’ve never had! HAHA! My credit card has not been under $600 since the day I got it. Trust me though, it is damn tempting having all that money available on my Visa!! So aside from avoiding the mall like a plague, I am also avoiding online shopping like the plague. However recently, a set of beauty products in the shape of balls captivated me – and won the battle.

What Are Twist and Pout Beauty Products?

Basically, these beauty products are lip conditioners in chic balls that you attach to your wallet, clutch, keys or whatever you want your makeup to be. Then, when you are ready for some TLC and gloss, you twist it open and pout your sweet new lips. It’s pretty awesome and I am in love.

I need more. Just saying.


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