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Travel Blog Video: Beauty Underneath The Surface

Check out our travel blogs videos that take you through our outdoor adventures to give you a glimpse at what you could be experiencing if you would only head on over to Full Tank Adventures and type in that zip code, folks.

This travel blogs video is all about the Manatee Springs we wrote about in this travel blogs post which is the most breath-taking place we have ever seen. The park is absolutely astonishing from the outside, but as soon as you slip on your snorkel gear and take a dip into that water, everything changes. There is nothing else out there like it.

So please, do yourself a pleasant favour and watch this video. Who knew that such beauty could be hidden under a layer of water?


You should have heard the people’s reactions from North of the United States border when I mentioned that Florida had a country. Isn’t it funny how you instantly associate the sunshine state with the salt life, tans and dolphins but never think about the armadillos, forests and deer? This is the exact reason why I decided to write this travel blog because Florida’s country is definitely full of outdoor life that you need to experience. So, grab your survival gear beach and/or city folk! We’re heading to the north!

As soon as I pulled into my destination in Chiefland, Florida I experienced the outdoor life right in front of me. There was an armadillo snacking on the lawn, 6 fawns hanging out on the corner of the street and authentic Florida orange trees. I felt like I was in a commercial for the state. Honestly. There’s just an entirely different appeal about the country in Florida, and whether you’re pitching a tent to do some camping at one of the campgrounds or looking for things to do out in the wilderness, these areas don’t fall short.

The Outdoor Life in the Springs

Of course, you have the ordinary yet unique nature trails to hike through which can definitely be a day perfect for a picnic and a dip on the springs, but there is so much more. There are literally so many springs you can go to and spend hours upon hours exploring the incredible wilderness and scenery that isn’t found down on the sandy shores on Florida. My favourite was 100% the Manatee Springs in Chiefland. This place was a complete oasis and I actually feel bad for anyone who has been in the region and hasn’t stopped at this park. It will blow your mind, and for $6 entry, you just can’t go wrong. It’s stunning on the outside, but takes an entirely new spin when you dip into the spring water. You’re suddenly snorkeling in crystal clear blue water, copious amounts of wildlife and yes, that includes manatees. Words can’t even begin to explain how stunning this place is.

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Around Chiefland, Florida there are many other areas to explore such as Homosassa, Crystal River, Cedar Key and so many other little areas to stop at in between. Homosassa has an incredible zoo there that has all kinds of animals, educational venues, shows, sightseeing and the list literally goes on and on.

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The Things to do In The Country

Of course, you don’t have to even go anywhere to have things to do when you’re in this area in Florida. As mentioned, there’s loads of trails to explore, but you can even enjoy a big bonfire, some beers and even play loud music without having to worry about disturbing your neighbour. That depends on where you’re staying though. You wouldn’t want to get kicked out of your campground, right?

Whatever you do, just don’t underestimate the things to do in the forest-covered areas of the sunshine state. You will regret driving right through these hidden gems.


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