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Hanging Out with the Trailor Park Boys

Today was an “after partying all night” day. Today did not turn out to be full of myself being lazy and gross on my couch. I went to an uptown cafe to get an iced chai and then head right back home as I looked like a complete scrub. As I am about to walk out of the door, I hear “Chantal! Chantal! Hey!”. I turn around, and there is, what we call, Newf.

One of the coolest things about being a lifestyle blogs writer is that I get the opportunity to come across some of the most unique people and situations.

Turns out that there is a “Prostate Cancer Awareness” event going on. So we stick around to enjoy the bands, some good, most bad, and hang out for a bit. Who doesn’t love testicles? Then comes the Trailer Park Boys. I don’t watch the show. But I wanted a picture anyway. Do you know they got paid $5000 to simply be there, get hammered and talk?

Must be nice, eh? Again – ignore the scrubness of my life today. This quick coffee break ended up being a whole day adventure as it is now 8pm and I am typing this. The only reason I am home is because Mark wanted the car to go to London.

trailer park boys, lifestyle blogs

Obviously super-cool people hanging out. Again, me and my grubbiness. This is (let me see if I remember) Andrew and Mitch. Mitch is in a band. haha Check ittt outttt. 


trailer park boys, lifestyle blogs

They obviously enjoy touching each other. Look how excited Andrew is to have his booby massaged and how horny Mitch is doing it. Dirrty boys.

Mitch was sitting right beside me, but decided to blackberry message me the whole day. He’s so shy. And that was my day. Hot, sweaty, grubby and awesome people.
Don’t forget to check out Mitch’s Band. Holler!


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