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It’s Time To Perfect Your Selfies

We live in a very narcissistic world now, and ladies, you just have to know how to take the perfect selfie. I’m here to help. Although I am not all hooray for selfies and truly recommend setting a timer on your phone instead (one too many selfies on your Instagram can be pretty tacky), here are some ways to nail the pose in photos, either way.

There is one thing to remember;
Selfies aren’t just about your face. 


Take’Er To The Window

To the wall; to the sweat drop… No? I may have just aged myself but don’t overestimate this vital tip. Find a window before you snap a selfie. Obviously if you’re outside, find the sun. It might be gloomy outside, but the natural light provided, regardless, is crucial to getting photo-worthy selfies. Pixalated, dark selfies are like so yesterday never. Stand facing the light which leads us to the next tip.

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Perfect the Light

Standing in front of a window isn’t going to give you a great selfie if you have the shadow of your hand holding your new smartphone dead smack on your face. Find the light; and perfect it. Move yourself to the left or right, hand up and down until your face is shadowless. There is no photo app good enough to take care of massive shadows.

selfie, selfies, lifestyle blogs

Behind the Scenes

You may be wondering who’s looking at your selfies hard enough to see what is going on in the background, but trust me; there is a Nosey Rosey in every following. That box of tampons, hairy brush, and clothes-filled-floor needs to get out of there. I’m not saying for you to clean your room. Heck. That would be delirious of me. However, kick everything to the side and close the closet doors before it busts open. Snap a couple shots and go back to your beloved pig-stye.

selfie, selfies, lifestyle blogs

There’s More To It

Speaking of backgrounds, you might have the cleanest house possible but ain’t no body got time for dat. Your background matters; and sometimes a white wall is better than your couch; and it’s always better than a TV glaring in the background. Pay attention to your surroundings, and when you can, always add something unique and different into your selfie. People get tired of looking at the same face all the time, but rejuvenating your selfie each time will keep them on point.

selfie, selfies, lifestyle blogs

Be a Snap-a-Holic

Do you take a photo and then instantly look at it? False. Don’t do it. Instead, snap the hell out of that smartphone like it’s a ticking time bomb that you need to shut off. Move; snap. Tilt; snap. Crouch; snap. Take 20-30-40, and only then should you go through them. You will immediately be able to delete the ones you don’t like. Then, keep the ones that are your favorites. Play with the photo editing apps and post!

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