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Thrifty and Thriving

This past weekend, my fashion trends were all 80s themed for a Stag and Doe, and it has got me thinking! Although the 80s style is very much involved in this seasons fashion trends, it’s not like I have a secret treasure of scrunchies, neon swaggie and one piece work out suits.

The 80s inspired the fashion trends season – it isn’t the fashion trends.

Unfortunately, gathering my neon tank tops and neon jewelry just wasn’t doing it for me and my 80s online fashion shopping just wasn’t up to my standards. So I headed to Value Village. Heck yes, I did! Value Village is a second hand store full of cheap clothes, and you probably only visit it when looking for a Halloween costume. Although I wasn’t shopping for Halloween (not yet anyway), I was still very much shopping for a costume. However, Value Village is a great place to shop and find some good brand name stuff and cheap clothes.

It Isn’t Vintage Fashion Trends

I’m not saying the word “Vintage” purposefully. Just because I am Thrift shopping at a second hand store does not mean that I am purchasing, or even finding any vintage pieces. It is possible though!

Of course, you have no idea who – or what has been wearing the clothing that you’re about to purchase from a second hand clothing store so you must always wash everything before wearing it. Yes, even that Banana Republicdress.

The Secret To Cheap Clothes That Have Been Used

The good thing about finding brand name clothing at a second hand store is that you know no one sketchy, dirty or nasty was rocking that Versace sweater. You definitely know someone didn’t poop their pants in that Gucci dress.  When people spend a fortune on clothes – they get treated like the treasure that they are.

This is why I recommend banking some cash and instead of purchasing brand new brand name items, hit up your local Value Village or Thrift store. As long as you’re purchasing high end brands, you really have nothing to worry about. Just make sure to always investigate the item before purchasing because you don’t want to bring a non-returnable item home to find a giant stain or rip. Oooh, I see red just thinking about that. I hate when that happens and not even just on second hand clothing, but on anything! That clearance rack at your local Urban Planet… watch yourself! You’ll find some stains and holes sometimes. Or you know what’s even worse? When you find a shirt at a store and you know someone has tried it on before you because their foundation is all over the material. Ew. I hate that.

See, you can have awful experiences at any store – but second hand clothing stores will give you an opportunity to save a couple hundred dollars on a fabulous item. Or you can just get amazing costumes. I apparently go out dressed up a lot so Value Village has come to be a second home for me. I seriously have a drawer or weird clothing items, accessories and all sorts of funky stuff that I find myself wearing at the most random and inappropriate times. It’s so much fun!



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