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This Girl Goes All Tech Gadgets On Yo’ WagJag Ass

I went on a rather different little fashion blog shopaholic spree the other day, and obviously I thought that you guys would care to know. Probably not, but I’m going to tell you anyway. You knew that was coming, didn’t you? Well, this is a shopaholic experience that you can benefit from, because you’re about to totally get better pictures from me on this blog, and well, if you have an iPhone, these are some accessories you should get. Or if you like to vlog or video your shazz, as I clearly do, you need a Helmet cam. No, No. It doesn’t have to be an expensive one. I’ll get there. Just bare with me you silly little eager thing.  I also have a confession to make… Again, bare with me.


You know how there are all those crazy couponers out there? Well, we can’t do that in Canada. Our stores don’t take coupons like they do in the states, nor do we produce such crazy discounts. I know. It sucks. However, us little frugal Canadians up here in our igloos like to thrive on a different kind of savings, and that’s by using sites such as Groupon and WagJag.

My very first experience with Groupon was a bad one… So I’m not even going to go there. Instead, let’s wag our little asses to WagJag and take a look at the tech gadgets I recently got.

First, I’m trying not to be such a pyscho fashion blogger  with my shopping, so I’m opting to only purchase things that I would buy regardless. By doing so on WagJag, I’m essentially saving money…! Yes… That’s my reasoning and I’m sticking with it. I purchased a cute little pink iPhone running case, since I’m like so totally fit and everything. (I’m rolling my eyes, FYI.) I then purchased the coolest tech gadgets ever because every fashion blogger needs to be able to snap photos of their stylish days, right? It just so happens that I wear mine.

The first one is a lens iPhone camera thing. Yeah, I’m not making much sense, am I? Well, let me just tell you that I love my iPhone and iPhone accessories, but the zoom on the iPhone is kinda bad. In fact, I don’t zoom at all because the definition is lost. So I stumbled across this deal on WagJag that offered a cool iPhone accessory that allows you to attach a lens iPhone camera thingie to make the zoom phenomenally amazing… And that is just what it is. The company I got it from is BSTS and by the looks of it, they offer a bunch of iPhone accessories so check them out if you’re intrigued. Which you should be! Look at this thing.

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The other tech gadgets that I purchased are like the alternative to the Go Pro Cam package. Those things are expensive, and I break things. Plus, who wants to spend a couple hundred dollars to put a camera under water or to go hi-speed hang gliding. Not me, but I will spend less money on a Helmet cam and similar Go Pro cam package that isn’t Go Pro at all. Instead, it’s “No Proof No Glory” Action Camcorder Bundle, and I’m extremely happy with my products. I plan on using them on my Youtube so you guys can experience my Florida trip with me, and my cottage endeavors  Oh yeah… You’ll have to wait for the next post for the details on that. The company this Action Cam Bundle  is from is New Line Incentives. It comes with a Helmet Cam and other tech gadgets that allow me strap a camera all over my body. How scandalous!

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Now as for my confession. Some of you may know this already. Some of you may not…. I have a problem. Okay, I don’t have a problem, but I do have a hobby that a lot of you probably don’t know about. I love to game. Yes. Game. Not Gamble.. Although I do enjoy that as well, but game. As in… I am a gamer. Okay, I wouldn’t take it that far but place a controller in my hand and I’ll take over the screen. Therefore, my recent tech gadgets addiction sent me on a rather expensive purchase. I bought a PS3 and have ever seen been completely addicted to The Walking Dead, and Infamous. Am I cool fashion blogger now?

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What are some of your must have fashion blog tech gadgets?


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