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The Tips For Your Pocket

There are some things that you always need to remember when you’re experiencing an anxiety attack, or panic attacks and let’s be honest here, the last thing your mind is doing during one of your panic spells, is remembering all those things and focusing on them. Luckily for you, you have me and I’m here to help you realize that those exact panic attacks that you’re fearing so much, are very much so bearable. You can live a normal life and do the things that “cause” you to have anxiety attacks. You just need to know how to manage them when you are experiencing those exact feelings that terrify you into a full blown panic attack. Here are my top tips for you to write down, or print off, and put them in your back pocket or purse. So the next time you’re having a panic attack, excuse yourself to the bathroom and pull out that piece of paper and refresh your memory with what to remember so you can get through it!


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One of the most important things for you to remember that those feelings are just that – feelings. You aren’t going to die. You aren’t going to turn into the Hulk and to be completely honest, you don’t look any different than you did 5 minutes prior, when you weren’t having panic attacks. It’s just a feeling. That’s it. A feeling. Nothing is going to happen.


You often think that people think of you a certain way in regards to your panic attacks, but when you’re in the midst of one, you really don’t look any different. Since it’s all in your head, people don’t know what’s happening, so this is imperative to remember if you fear a physical panic attack. Now, if you sweat profusely or shake, you have to remember that those are normal things that everyone’s, yes everyone’s body does. It’s no different!


Let those panic attack feelings go in one ear and out the other. Don’t pay attention to them. Just let them pass right by. Often times, “What if’s” get us so absorbed in our minds, making the panic attack worse. Just let it float by. Don’t fight it. Float it.


Fighting anxiety attacks is exhausting and in fact, everything that you shouldn’t be doing. You will never overcome your panic attacks if you are consistently fighting them, because fighting them means that you haven’t accepted them as just a feeling and that they will pass. Accept that you’re feeling those anxious things. Usually when you hit the peak of your anxiety attack, is when you give in. Don’t! Accept the feeling, right until the end. Only when you do so, will you begin to overcome your panic attacks.


What are your pocket tips that should be added to the list?


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