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The Secret of Agave Oil

Many lifestyle blogs have been talking about Agave Oil for your hair, and when I was asked to try out some of their free beauty samples, I was obviously super stoked because you ladies need to know what products are the bomb, and more importantly, which ones are the aftermath of a bomb. Now, I’m no beauty expert but I know what us ladies want from our hair care products.

Just an FYI – My free beauty samples consisted of the Agave Oil Shampoo, Conditioner and Treatment Oil.

What is Agave Oil?

There isn’t one beauty expert that is against natural oils because they are the best thing that we can use for all of our health and beauty regimes. Agave oil is definitely taking over the market. The oil actually comes from the same plant that tequila comes from. (Now I have your attention, don’t I?) The plant grows in Mexico and the locals refer to it as ‘honey water’ and use it for additional flavour in foods, drinks (tequila shots!) and medicinal purposes.


Is Agave Oil Beauty Expert Approved?

Oh, just like the rest of the beauty blogs say, this stuff is totally beauty expert approved. The free beauty samples that I received weren’t big enough. I just wanted more and more, and more – and my dried locks needed it just as bad. Instantly, my hair was tamed. Goodbye frizz and crazy curls. The biggest thing I noticed was how excellent the Agave Oil Treatment was.

beauty blogs, free beauty samples, beauty expert

More times than not, serums and leave-in oils leave our hair dragged down and oily. I might even go as far as saying 90% of products do this. Agave Oil is within the 10% that doesn’t. I could use the oil closer to my roots without worrying about looking like a greaseball and it only increased the manageability of my hair for both straightening, auh-natural and curls.

What I Didn’t Like About The Free Beauty Samples I Received

It’s hard to find something that I didn’t like about these free beauty samples, but I would have to say that it doesn’t lather as well as I would prefer. If you’re familiar with my lifestyle blogs, you know that the ‘soap foam’ and ‘lather’ really doesn’t mean anything and can actually damage your hair. So, I guess it is for the better that it didn’t lather up my head as many generic and random products do. The end result, sans the lathering-ness was worth it though.

beauty blogs, free beauty samples, beauty expert

Does that complain make me sound high maintenance? I didn’t get enough bubbles on my head.

I recommend trying Agave Oil and I might even replace my macadamia nut oil obsession with it. Shhhh! I’m going to do a beauty blogs video on it soon!



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