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The Horror of Sulfates and Parabens

Today, I’m not doing just any ole’ hair product review. Can you say, borrrring? 

Instead, I’m also going to talk about the importance of using proper ingredients on your hair to get amazing results, and why I use the no-sulfates version of Fast to get longer, thicker and healthier hair. Of course, I do switch between this shampoo and others when I don’t deserve some added length but it’s an excellent product and deserves some attention. I’ve also been using it for years. Check out this old beauty blog post from years ago!


If you’re putting junk in your hair, regardless of how much you pay, it’s not going to turn out good.


If you take a walk down almost any hair aisle and check out the ingredients, you’ll see that sulfates, parabens and DEAs are almost always listed. These are big no-nos if you want healthy hair and results.

But here’s the thing. The hair product may have “versions” of the words, since there are thousands of different parabens out there – and used. So you have to be careful.


So why do hair companies put them in their hair products?

Sulfates are used to create that good lather, but they dry out your hair, irritate your scalp, and can even cause hair loss – and that’s only mentioning a few of the side effects. So naturally, no-sulfate shampoos are much milder than other varieties.

Parabens and DEAs are used to prevent bacteria and preserve the product for a longer shelf life – They’re similar to the poor and dangerous chemicals put into food products to make them last an unnatural amount of time on the shelf.

But they can mess up your reproductive hormones, and have even been linked to possibly encouraging forms of breast cancer, which is some serious shizz that I’m not about to test the waters with.


What is no-sulfates Fast Shampoo?

So, I always try to use no-sulfate and no-paraben beauty productss. Although, sometimes I cheat because I’m a rebel like that.  But I want to specifically talk to you about the no-sulfates version of Fast Shampoo and Conditioner. Not only is it a healthier version of shampoo and conditioner, but it also makes your hair grow longer and faster, and as you can see – I have a lot of hair as a result.

However, I never used to stay on top of my 8-week trims because how would my hair ever grow if I was constantly cutting off the split ends? Well, that’s why I originally started using this product years ago (check out this blast to the past video!). I can still keep my hair healthy and luscious with regular trims, while also growing it longer.


How can shampoo make your hair grow faster?

So, you may be wondering how is it possible that this shampoo makes your hair grow longer. Well, its all in the ingredients. First of all, getting rid of the bad sulfates, parabens and all that junk is a good start.

But it’s all about the Fortifying Amino Acids and Biotin as well. Biotin is a vital part of a healthy metabolism and essential to create the enzymes necessary for healthy and faster hair growth. Boom! It’s that simple.

However, since there are no-sulfates and harmful producs, there are some things that are different.


What is different about sulfate-free shampoos?

Geez, you guys have a lot of questions. (hehe)

So with Fast Shampoo, there are natural ingredients that create that lather, but your head isn’t going to be a bubble party, which I kind of prefer, to be honest.
As for the shelf life, you don’t need the parabens and DEAs. You’ll go through the product long before anything natural “wears out”.


How to fix dry hair without sulfates?

If you do have naturally dry hair, I do recommend using a deep-conditioning masque once a week to get that added moisture in. Then again, I also recommend doing this if you don’t have dry hair because its important to keep your hair well conditioned for healthy and long hair growth. So, I like both natural oils and deep leave-in conditioners. Apply to the ends to keep your hair from looking healthy and to ensure the product doesn’t clog your pores and voila. That’s the secret. You’ll get better results if you combine your sulphate free shampoos with a deep conditioner.


How do the Original Fast results compares to no-sulfates Fast?

The only thing I can say is that I got the same results, sans the underlying damage. My hair grows approximately 2 inches in 1 month, using both the original and no-sulfates version. Of course, results always depend on the specific hair type. Some experience more growth than others.


The one thing is, this isn’t sold in stores. It has to be purchased online but then again, who doesn’t shop online nowadays? For anyone in the US, you can order is at and they also offer a full money back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with the results.

In Canada, you can get it at all Rexall Pharmacies and in the UK, you can get it at all Boots locations.

Happy hair day, ladies!

Do you have a favourite shampoo and conditioner? Let’s hear it!


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