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The Real Deal

Do you want to know the real girl behind this lifestyle blogs postings? Hear it through the mouth of someone else.

“Aside from being silly 99% of the time, she is very caring, funny and intelligent. She has a huge heart and I know one day, her heart will touch many. She is humble, down to earth but often in her own little world. She is lazy yet analytical”. By this I mean, she is lazy about certain things, but she figures out ways to do things fantastically while still being lazy. For example, her hair styles when she is too lazy to wake up on time.”

This is a lifestyle blog post written by an ex boyfriend from 2009. Yeah, he probably wouldn’t say the same things about me now but what the heck! I thought this was worth a repost anyway. After all, I think these are all qualities that are prominent throughout my lifestyle blogs.


lifestyle blogs,

Since I live with her, I can provide you with the silliest, goofiest things she does on a daily basis that makes all of us love her.

1 – Every time she uses crazy glue, she glues her fingers together.
2 – She says “Oh My Lord” 500 times a day because of something “stupid” she did.
3 – She will be sitting in a room by herself and then you will hear her laughing hysterically. When you ask her what was funny, she’ll tell you something she was randomly thinking of.

4 – She has an amazing sense of humour. She thinks everything is funny… everything.
5 – She is extremely cranky if you wake her up.
6 She giggles in her sleep and also talks to you, or yells at you which all depends on the dream she is having.
7 – When she has peanut butter, she manages to get peanut butter all over the knife… and then throws it in the sink like this.
lifestyle blogs, 8 – She looks cute and dainty, but she is the gassiest girl I know.
9 – She swears way too much. She loves the word #$@! because it has so many meanings. However, she thinks her mouth is dirty and wants to stop swearing so much.
10 – She sets her alarm 10 times early because she knows she will press snooze a thousand times.
11 – She has to sleep with one leg out of the covers.
12 – She says “it’s my Birthday” every day to try to get me to do something for her.
13 – She drives like a maniac – stay off the roads!
14 – She doesn’t screw the cap back onto the tooth paste and then I go to use it and the lid falls on the ground and I have to wash it.
15 – She leaves toilet paper in every room in the house except the bathroom. Half of this is the dogs fault.
16 – She loses her “keys” in her purse every time she looks for them.
17 – She loses her “blackberry” in her purse every time she looks for it.
18 – She refuses to make a bed because she does not see the point in this.
19 – Her and her father speak a “language” that only “they know” yet, neither of them know what the other is saying however they continue on for half an hour.
20 – She talks extremely fast and sometimes mumbles.

lifestyle blogs,

She’s spoiled… or as she might say;

“I’m spoiled, but I’m not a brat!”

2 Responses
  • jessi
    June 26, 2014

    I have actually followed you for years and remember thinking you and mark were the perfect couple! I’ve always wonders what happened to him.

    • Chantal McCulligh
      June 26, 2014

      Thanks, honey! We did have a great relationship but things change sometimes. With that said, thank you so much for enjoying my journey. xo You’re awesome.

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