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The Guess Dress That Goes A Long Way

guess dress, beach, bar, chic lookbook, local patio, cork wedges, clutch

Life is such a beach sometimes! Okay, too cheesy? Well, cheesy is my middle name! Holler. Okay, okay. I’ll shut up and just get on with this chic lookbook.

I am wearing….

Guess crochet dress

This is one of my absolutely favourite pieces in my wardrobe. This Guess dress can honestly be worn in every single way you could imagine. You can wear this Guess dress with a blazer and boots, or a cardigan and tights. You could wear this Guess dress with pumps to the club, or you could wear with sandals to the beach. It’s so versatile and everyone should know, one item that can be worn in all sorts of different ways is absolutely essential! 

I wore this Guess dress a lot when I was in Daytona Beach, Florida, and I’m sitting here at my cottage, after a long day at the beach as well. I’m a short little stump, so I am almost always rocking something that gives me a boost, and cork heels are not only extremely trendy right now, but casual enough to walk along the shore… on the sidewalk, of course. Could you imagine trying to wear heels in the sand? Can you say, broken ankle? As the day ended, I grabbed a belt for a little extra style, clutch to match my wedges and cute little earrings. It’s the perfect look that can be taken from the beach to the bar. It’s casual enough to frolic in the sand, and then head for a couple daiquiri on a local patio.


What’s your favourite item to wear to the beach?

 guess dress, beach, bar, chic lookbook, local patio, cork wedges, clutch



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