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The Fashion Designer Bicycle Fashion Trends

While you shouldn’t always believe everything you read, you can basically believe everything that this fashion blogger writes because it’s some real shiznaz. Okay, so maybe I’m a little biased because I am the fashion blogger writing this but I am absolutely serious when I say some of the best fashion trends have nothing to do with clothing, shoes, handbags, jewelry or other accessories.

fashion trends, fashion designer, fashion blogger

Now that you’re convinced that I am an absolute mental case fashion blogger, let’s carry on because I am being totally honest.

Take a quick look at your favourite fashion designer, and they likely have a collection of non-fashion related items within their brand. My assumption is that a fashion designer will provide other items to your clothing brand because style is what makes the difference.

It isn’t always what you’re wearing, but what you’re wearing it with.


What is one of the biggest fashion trends this summer? Bicycles. Oh yeah. You heard that right. (The city girls are probably squealing with excitement).

Chanel, Fendi, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Hermes, Tory Burch, Coach and tons of other prestigious names recognized for being the best fashion designer have recently released an abundance of fabulous bike styles that can truly be the ultimate piece to completed a boho, chic, edgy, trendsetter or even basic sense of fashion. Unfortunately, they also come with a massive price tag – like, shockingly massive. So, what’s a girl to do?

Accessorize your bike – just like you accessorize your fashion.

fashion trends, fashion designer, fashion blogger

I’m not talking about just any old bike accessories. I’m talking about the best, trendiest, practical gadgets that are vital to your bike fashion trends, and your personal style. You think you enjoy biking now? Just wait until you get your hands wrapped around stunner bicycle grips or add on a wine rack. Oh yeah, I said it. I had you at wine, didn’t I?


Fashion Trends For Your Bicycle Handlebars

fashion trends, fashion designer, fashion blogger

It is important to never overlook the importance of high quality bicycle handlebars because uncomfortable or deteriorating ones can cause painful blisters, annoying cuts and sores and are just awful and tacky. That’s not to mention that they make your bike look rather trashy. Add in some City Grips for flawless fashion style and comfort. They are affordable and also offer that sophisticated old-fashioned sew-on leather look . However, if you’re a badass, you need some bare knuckle grips.


Fashion Designer Elements on a Budget

fashion trends, fashion designer, fashion blogger

If you use your bike for all of your transportation, you understand the need for practical and purposeful bike accessories that allow you to look god damn amazing wherever you need to go. Some favourites include the Little Lifter which helps you move your bike from place to place, sub to train, riding to walking and whatever other kind of movement you could possibly be doing when not riding your bike. You also have the option of Mud Flaps which aren’t only rad, but also practical. I’ll be damned if I’m going to have mud splashed ruin my day and outfit.


Fashion Blogger Bike Bag

fashion trends, fashion designer, fashion blogger

This is the Fashion Blogger Approved Must Have. (Yes, I just created that term up but I am being absolutely serious). Ladies, have you tried biking with your massive hobo handbag? Yeah, it’s not fun – especially when it gets wrapped around in your tire and not only is your handbag completely messed up, but so is your face. Keep your face pretty and shop incredible bike fashion trends, such as beer carriers, wine bike racks, traditional big bags, barrel bags, cages, carts – all kinds of couture-esque elements.. They’re just amazing and no explanation is needed. You just can’t go wrong with bike accessories or leather products. Then, when you combine the two, you’re entire biking experience has reached its peak of potential.

fashion trends, fashion designer, fashion blogger

… And you thought you like biking before.


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