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The Best Online Deals At My Favourite Online Stores

I do a lot of online shopping! That is no lie. Online stores and those that are a shoe warehouse are the best place to get incredible discounts on things that you would have purchased otherwise. That, or the deals are so amazing that you indulge in luxury brands because they are the same price as the ones you typically shop. Online shopping is an amazing thing, ladies and gentlemen!  Every fashion blog knows it, and you need to start reaping the benefits!

I get totally shocked when people say that they don’t shop online. They have no idea what they are missing. Don’t let yourself be one of those people. You deserve to shop at my favourite stores. Here are my go-to places where I know that I will always snag the best online deals.

HauteLook For a Mixture of Spring Shoes, Brands and Prices

This is the first online store that I ever fell addicted to. You can find tremendous online deals on all kinds of things such as; clothing, jewelry, household items, furniture, beauty supplies, handbags… Literally, the list goes on and on and on. It’s a fabulous place to get high end brands for regular-people pricing. It’s ah-mah-zing! I’ve done tons of spring shoes reviews on the items that I have purchased here as well.

JustFab is an Adorable Shoe Warehouse

Despite our recent squabble, I still adore JustFab for online deals. All shoes are $39.95 and the quality of them is much higher than the price alone. That’s not to mention the variety of styles that you can get. In addition, they now offer clothing and accessories so you can do some online shopping for your head-to-toe wardrobe. This is always the first place I go when I need a new pair of heels, boots or flats to turn my sidewalk into a runway with.

GlossyBox For Cosmetics

There are plenty of online stores that offer beauty products for a discounted rate that you can receive each month. The reason why I chose to go with Glossybox specifically is because you can choose how often you want to receive a box so you aren’t stuck with a monthly fee if you can’t afford that within your budget. Mind you, the items that you receive in your Glossybox definitely outweighs the price that you pay because the items are much more expensive if you were to go to a store and purchase them. If you want to sign up, comment with your email below and I’ll send you an invite.


FragranceX For Deliciously Smelly Stuff

There is no lady or man in this world who couldn’t benefit from smelling good, but perfumes and colognes can get expensive. Not when you’re shopping at this online store though. The prices are as inexpensive as driving through a duty free shop at the border… And as you all know from my personal fashion blog, I’ve done that a lot! There is no reason for you to go to the mall and pay full price when you get incredible online deals right here. That is my theory anyway.

TvStoreOnline is For All My Costumes

Whenever I am in need of a good costume of any kind, I head right on over to my good pals at TvStoreOnline. I probably have more costumes than I have real clothes. Hey! They come in handy more than you would think and they are much more enjoyable than ordinary clothes. The reason why this online store is my go-to for costumes is because there is no other store out there like them!

KaiKini Caters To My Scrunch Bottom Bikinis

If I had a dime for every time someone asked me where my bikinis and bathing suits came from, I would be rich in KaiKini dollars! This is the place where I purchase all of my swimwear. I adore the craftsmanship of their designs and the scrunch bottom is so adorable. I just can’t get enough of them! This Hawaiian company stole my heart many years ago and I am still a strong supporter of their brand. I don’t spend money on bathing suits anywhere else than this online store.

And there you have it! Your entire wardrobe and lifestyle can be provided to you all from my favourite places to do some online shopping. Let me know if you have ever shopped at these online stores and if you have any suggestions that needed to be added to my list of go-to online deals.



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