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The Best Fashion Trends For Ladies Fashion

You don’t have to be a trendy bitch to be able to appreciate fashion blogs for giving you the new fashion trends that are expected for spring. It doesn’t take rocket science to figure out that if you aren’t aware of the fashion trends for Spring, you’re likely to look outdated within your wardrobe – and every female knows the feeling of looking into the closet full of clothes, yet feeling like you have nothing to wear.

We all hate having those days.
You can head on over to the Chicnova big sale and revamp your wardrobe for next to nothing, but remember to go after the following!

Thus, this fashion blogs post has listed the hottest things fashion designers have implemented into ladies fashion for this season. You can either:

  • Rework current pieces into your wardrobe
  • Go shopping at your fave ladies fashion stores and pick out some seriously trending pieces to revamp your closet selections.

Obviously, Pastels Are a Fashion Designers Favourite


This is no surprise. Pastels are always on all fashion designers radars in the spring. It’s inevitable. If it makes you look like the Easter Bunny when you slip it on – then it’s perfect for this season.

  • Light purples, pinks, blues, greens, yellows,
  • Indulge big with main wardrobe pieces such as a cardigan
  • Or smaller with pastel accessories such as jewelry

Fashion Blogs Are Loving Grease Lightning Full Skirts


Yup. Full skirts are super haute, so when you see one that captivates your style, you better say,

“The one that I want (you are the one I want), ooh ooh ooh, honey”

… And swipe that plastic, girl.

Seriously though – Go for a little less Grease, and more chic and modern pieces to pull off your ladies fashion flawlessly.

  • Short and poofy
  • Long and flowy
  • Knee length and… No, never. Just don’t do it.

Best part? These fashion trends pinch you at the waist, creating a desirable silhouette.  Looks are deceiving – MU-AH-HA-HA-HA

Ultimate Contrast in Ladies Fashion


Spring is taking one of the most classic fashion pieces, and blasting it with some contrast. The button down blouse is super trendy, but only when done with this little secret that my fashion blogs is about to reveal…

  • Make the collar of your button down contrast with the buttons

It truly takes a rather boring classic ladies fashion piece and turns it into a sparking style, eh?

Sweaters Are Canadian Fashion Blogs Trend To Love


Sweaters. Yes. Thank you, fashion designers! Sweaters are amongst the hottest fashion trends. My life is officially complete. It doesn’t get better than this day. Hello to comfy days that are designed into chic styles. Now everyone can get off my hoody-wearing wardrobe.

That shit is trendy now, bitch.

  • Varsity style, oversized boyfriend, gym sweatshirts – it’s all haute for Spring.

Wait… It might actually be a little too hot for Spring, but you know they’ll come in handy for those chillier Spring nights.

Loving and Hating Iridescence


Personally,  this trend is stupid.

There. I said it.

Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Iridescence fashion trends look like cheap plastic that my Barbie’s use to wear as I played with them in my gel sandals.

On the contrary, indulging in this trend can be done in a delightful way… And by that, I mean in a minimal way… By not having it in your wardrobe… At all.

Kidding. Iridescence clutches aren’t totally tacky, and I might indulge a little, but definitely not within my wardrobe.

Other Notable Fashion Trends for Spring

  • Mesh fabrics are totally chic and adorable when done correctly
  • Tuxedo Pants
  • Monochrome crisp contrast
  • Geometric Prints


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  • jordana
    March 3, 2014

    Love, love, LOVE this post! I’m obsessed with full skirts, can’t handle the “Iridescence”, and pastels are definitely a staple in my Spring wardrobe! xoxo

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