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Take A Look Around

I often think,

“it could always be worse”.

I was walking through the mall heading back to work from my well-enjoyed lunch break. I was in such a wonderful mood and happily enjoying my day and in general, my life. Just before I reached my store, ring ring – my blackberry goes off. To my surprise, it was an email from my mother. I could feel the seriousness and intensity through each word that my mom wrote. “Pete (my step dad)’s father has internal bleeding and will need surgery… the aorta (most important part that keeps the heart pumping blood) is leaking into his body.”At this time as my heart was aching severely for my family, I realized that it could always be worse.  At least he has a chance to try to survive. At least we have a chance to pray for him. At least we have a chance to say our goodbyes before it is too late – if this is going to be the end.

As horrible as times can be, we need to try to see the positive things we are blessed with. We need to be grateful for what we do have with us, as some people don’t have anything at all. We need to take a look around, before passing judgment. We need to look through someone else’s eyes.

So, aside from the quotes about life; gearing towards always remembering that it can always be worse, I think it is just as important to remember that you never know what is going on behind closed doors – you just never know what someone else is going through or feeling. So, be kind to all. Those are the best quotes about life that you’re ever going to get.


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