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Suicide and Cancer

I just received a phone call from my friend. She told me that a mutual friend has committed suicide. I’m not that close with him but it is still so very sad. It’s so sad that people get to that point in their life when the easiest way is to just end it. It brings back a lot of awful experiences for me. I’ve had many people close to me attempt and commit suicide.  My high school school had the highest rate of suicide in Ontario. It was that bad so to say the least, I have lost a lot of people to this disease. I just wish that there is a way to change this. That there is a way that people can say that they need help and not immediately be put into a psych-ward or labelled as crazy. There’s such a negative stigma towards people who are suicidal and I feel like that’s why the people who are ACTUALLY suicidal, don’t say anything… and just do it. That’s definitely a story for another day, but as you know, I have spoken to a lot of young groups of kids about suicide prevention and I just hope that anyone reading this that may be thinking about taking that route out, there are options!!

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Fighting For Motivation

Since we’re on the topic of disease, I know.. how depressing… a good friend of mine is going through a difficult time. Her name is Kandis and we used to work together and when we met, we instantly clicked. It’s one of those friends that you know you will always have because of the bond that you have, even if you don’t talk often enough. Well, her brother, Eric has been diagnosed with a rare cancer and the care he needs is only offered in the states. It isn’t being covered by OHIP, and will cost the family $50,000, and I don’t know about you, but not many people have just $50,000 spending money laying around, or anything close to that. Please visit ericsfight and read up about what you can do to help! And of course, donate! I have 18,000 fans and if everyone donated just one dollar, they’d be well on their way to


getting the care that they need. “On Christmas Eve, a grim prognosis was delivered; this would be ‘Eric’s last Christmas’ – his last ‘healthy’ Christmas at best.” Please donate and make a difference! So many times, things happen without a chance to change it, and people often say, “I just wish there was something that I could do.” Well, now there is! Please help my friend Kandis, her brother Eric and their family out!!

Other than that, today is a sunny brisk day, and I am spending my Sunday relaxing and working. I hope you all are having a fabulous weekend. Live like it’s your last… because you just never know. xo


PS: That’s a pic of Kandiland and her brother as babies. HAHA She’s going to kill me, but how adorable are they?


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  • linds
    January 15, 2012

    never did i ever think i would see a pic of such a strong girl on your page. her family and mine go way back. your dead on about the kind of friend who stays despite distance between ya.its weird lookin at a pic of her so young on your site, ppl used to confuse us when we were that age. lmao cuuute!!!!

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