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Stripes and Monochrome Fashion Trends Rule My Runway

I had a very pleasant client inform me the other day that the monochrome trend is not the monochromatic fashion trends, and I showed you what the difference is in a latest lookbook. However, just because one colour outfits are totally haute to trot this season, I am not about to abandon the crisp and chic appeal of black and white, and for those of you unaware, that is the monochrome fashion trends.


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Like Michael Jackson says, “It don’t matter if you’re black or white,” and my fashion statement agrees. 


Let’s make it clear though; the monochrome trend has not disappeared this season, and black and white clothing is still popping up all around the industry, especially when it comes to stripes.


fashion trends, fashion blogs, monochromatic trend, lookbook



The difference this spring is how those lines are intertwining because they certainly aren’t only going left to right, or top to bottom. They’re going every which way, combining textures, collaborating lines and playing around with the thickness of each. Lines are even being put together to make couture designs.


Shop for styles that have sleek lines, or thicker linear appeals that criss and cross, or even checkered clothing, and matching two different stripes together into one outfit are a must-try.

fashion trends, fashion blogs, monochromatic trend, lookbook


It definitely adds some edge to these rather classic, strict fashion trends.


The stripes don’t have to be black and white either. Fashion designers are playing around with the navy looks (perfect for the nautical season), reds and all kinds of tones found under the sun.

fashion trends, fashion blogs, monochromatic trend, lookbook


A lot of ladies tend to fear the linear appearance, but give it a shot. I was once one of those girls, so instead of spending a fortune on some luxurious striped brands, I went and purchased my mime shirt at Giant Tiger for like $5. It’s a store similar to Walmart, and Target.


Money doesn’t buy you style, but a striped shirt definitely can. Have fun with the fashion trends this season as they’re very chic and crisp and perfect for the classy and confident, ladies. And as you already know, your fashion sense is all about confidence.


fashion trends, fashion blogs, monochromatic trend, lookbook


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