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I finally got my very first pair of coloured denim. I know, I know. I can hear your standing ovation now. Please, please… take a seat.

… And I bow.

It’s a big deal, though! Not only are coloured denim the epitome of fashion trends right now, but I have wanted a pair for months and every time I found a pair that fit, my body was either too bodacious or not bodacious enough. It sucked.

I’m seriously so stoked about this pair that I got. I was at Winners (of course, right?) and I first came across a purple pair of denim from DKNY… and let me tell you, if you’re new to my fashion blog, I seriously love DKNY jeans. They fit fabulously and feel even more amazing. However, I wasn’t sold on the purple. It wasn’t the bright, bold and Justin Bieber type of purple that I love. It was more of a pastel and I didn’t want to go around looking like a giant Easter Bunny, although that idea does make me giggle inside like a little school girl. I still grabbed them, threw them over my arm and continued on throughout the store.

Then, low and behold, at the back of the store, I found these $20 bright red denim jeans that my jaw dropped for. Can you say, sold? Not only was the price super fab, but the look had even more super fabness. So I can home, and luckily it was getting chilly out, and I threw on my new pants and oh lordy, was I ever excited about the fashion trends I snagged!red denim, jeans, pants, parasuco, DKNY, winners, denim jacket, cheap clothes,  online fashion, fashion blog

We went over to a friend’s for dinner and anytime I looked down and saw my fabulous pair of coloured denim, my heart skipped a beat. That’s what I love about online fashion! One piece of clothing, even if its cheap clothes, can just capture your heart in the matter of minutes. It’s unexplainable how it makes you feel.

 The feeling fashion can give you is priceless!

I purchased a lot of other things, also Boyfriend’s fault, but we’ll have to save that for another day. There’s simply not enough days in the week to go through all my new purchases and must have items with you guys. But heck! I’m not complaining!


Do you have any coloured denim? What’s your favourite colour in this fashion piece and do you love to rock them casually or formally, or in between?

I had a white Parasuco jean jacket in my hands which would have made a bomb outfit with the red contrast but I didn’t get it, and yes… I’m kicking myself in the arse for it now.

And from yours truly, the pictures in this post will show you exactly why I always wear heels. I’m short and stout.

Here is my handle.

Here is my… stout?

I don’t know the words… obviously.


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