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Spent Right

Yesterday was an emotional day for me as it was, then my Mom called me to tell me my Dad has the flu and Christmas will need to be held off. I was alone for Christmas – Christmas Eve and Christmas Day too.


Best Friend Motivation

It didn’t take long for the best friend to call and tell me to get over for some dinner and Christmas festivities.  I felt my emotions and tears just ready to be released as I headed over to her house. I knew I would cry the second I saw her because I was sad and alone. Katie opens her front door and there I stand with my hands full of wrapped present with tears pouring down my face. Katie, being the sweet babe that she is, immediately grabs me, hugs me, gives me a kiss and tells me she loves me. I start to bawl.

True Love

I finally gather myself and walk upstairs where her parents, sister, aunt and cousin greet me with a bunch of hugs and love. Again, I start to bawl. These people have all seen me go through some really tough times that I don’t always share in my lifestyle blogs, and they know me just as good as I know myself, if not better. They have always been amazing to me and a great family. Having them still give me so much love, knowing what I have been through, made me a giant sap of tears. I finally gather myself and give Katie her presents as they heat up my dinner as I originally told them I was just stopping by and to eat without me. Katie starts reading this little letter I give her, and starts crying!! What’s with us females? Time of the month, much! Seriously!

Unwrapping The Gifts

Obviously the best gift of the entire season and night was being surrounded by people I love and who love me just as much. It’s the best kind of health tips you could ever follow – surround yourself with love. However, we shared some gifts too because who doesn’t love presents, right? Katie unwraps her first gift. Jessica Simpson slippers. “You would!” she said with a big hug. Then she goes to unwrap her second gift which was specifically what she asked for but I tricked her into thinking I didn’t get her anything she asked for. She opens her big giant onesie pj’s and screams “WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW! I GOT A ONESIE!!” Her reaction made me smile! I’m happy she loved her gifts. I got Jessica Simpson slippers from Katie as well, and sockus! And her family got me this sweater which I’m so stoked to wear with a coloured skinny belt. Colour-blocking is in, betches!

A True Best Friend

We then sat around and chatted and then Katie refused to let me be alone. She said, “I’m coming home with you and we’re going to drink, and dance, and wake up on Christmas morning together!” I was so happy that she offered this, you have no idea. I was’t surprised though. I know Katie and other people’s happiness is so important to her. That’s why I love her and always tell her shes “such a sweet babe”!

We came back here and had a few drinks, played cards and danced around with her rocking out in her onesie pj’s and opening the butt flap and making me fall to the ground laughing. She eventually passed out in my bed as my skype rang. It was Jon!

lifestyle blogs, motivation, health tipsOf course, I immediately start crying. Everytime I see him, I cry. They’re happy tears. Sad tears. All sorts of tears. We chatted for a good hour as it was his Christmas morning in Cambodia and then 12:00am hit. It was my Christmas morning too! I am so happy I got to spend my Christmas morning and his with Jon being across the globe. We ended around 1am and I went to bring Katie some water as her parents specifically requested that she not be hungover. Just like high school, we stayed up really late just chatting away. Some things never change.

Health Tips Emphasize The Bright Side

Always look on the bright side. Although I am sad that I did not get to spend time with my parents, I am so happy that I got to spend time with the other two people I love in my life, as if they were family. Honestly, with my Dad ill and unable to spend Christmas together, I really couldn’t have asked for a better Christmas. It was definitely very special. To roll over in bed, have Diva in the middle of me and Katie and spend it with someone I love so much. Now if only Jon was in bed with us. HAHA

I then took Katie home after I called my Grandfather who I am super close with and who is the darnest cutest man alive and talked to Ashlee, my lover from another mother. She’ll get my “gangsta” reference there. We went to Timmies to find out that the drive thru line was serving! WAHOO! …Then we saw the 50 car line up….! We did it! Let me just say, hungover Canadians need their breakfast sandwiches and Tim Hortons coffee. So there we sat in the drive thru line for 20 minutes. Hey! At least we had some good Bieber jams playing!

We also got a show! Some dickhead cut in the line and people actually got out of their car and walked IN FRONT of his car. I mean, you just don’t budd the line. After a Christmas drama in the drive thru, we found out that the dickhead didn’t get served and had to go all the way back around and start again at the END of the 50 car line up this time. Karma. You don’t mess with us Canadians and our Timmies. That’s all I have to say.

Now I have to clean this mess of an apartment up and hopefully be able to see my Dad and Mom.

But so far, Christmas has been amazing. I had my best friend in bed with me, my lover on Skype and my other best friend Ash on the phone with me.

Life is good.

I love those that are in my life.



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