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Sock Bun Picture Hair Styles Tutorial


I have just been a miserable little soul this week, mostly today. It’s just one of those moods where everything sucks… especially my mood.

Oh, they refer to it as PMS, you say?

It’s likely.

It’s also likely that I’m going through Ash and Baby Aid withdrawals. And cottage withdrawals. Florida withdrawals. Life withdrawals. Oh you know, the better things in life withdrawals.

Sorry about that. Apparently Bitter Betsy decided to come out and say hello.

As promised, I have the picture tutorial of the sock bun hair style! This one is a little bit messier because I did it when my hair was damp, in hopes to get some bomb ass curls for tomorrow because apparently, that’s what this bun can do. Yes, that’s right ladies! This sock bun tutorial can give you a great look during the day, and then at night, take it out and you have some bombdity curls.

Well, don’t quote me on that. I’ll find that out tomorrow, but that’s the word on the streets folks!

Here are the tutorial steps to get a sock bun hair style, the numbers correspond with the pictures, left to right.


  1. Cut the toe of a sock off (the thicker the better)
  2. Roll the sock so it’s kind of a donut scrunchy looking thing
  3. Put your hair in a ponytail (where you want the bun to be)
  4. Put it over your ponytail and start at the end of your strands
  5. As you roll the sock down, fold your hair over it in all directions
  6. Tuck in any loose pieces


hair styles

Seriously, though. Isn’t this the perfect hair styles for the summer? It pulls your hair off of your face and gives you a look that you can rock from morning to night. Speaking of mornings, this is another reason why this hair styles trend has me all googley-eyed for it. I am, so far from being a morning person. Ask anyone that has tried to wake me up, and they probably got a black eye from it. I just don’t do mornings. Seriously, my boyfriend rolled me, yes, rolled me out of the bed this morning, into his arms where I clung onto his neck like a baby, still asleep on his shoulder until he made me stand up on my own.

It was an awful experience.

Anyway, this tutorial is like BING, BANG, BOOM and it’s done. You shower (I hope you usually do), get your tangles out, the tutorial takes about 5 minutes, and that’s being generous, and then you’re set for the day. No sticky mess, and no hair on your face for those hot smoggy summer days.

It’s kind of perfect, don’t you think?

However, after staring at my sock bun for a little while today, I felt like my hair styles were simply too boring. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love the sock bun and I know that I am totally and completely contradicting myself right now, but I truly felt like my hair needed SOMETHING else.

It’s probably Bitter Betsy talking again. However, I’m going to try to incorporate some  braids to make it more spicy next time.

Waddda ‘ya thunk?


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