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Soak in Mud for Beautiful Skin

If there’s one beauty product every lady needs in her regime, it’s some mud. The mud mask benefits are incredible but don’t be fooled, not all beauty products are created equally. You must place importance on the ingredients used in your mud masks to ensure you reap all the good and none of the toxins, chemicals, and other crap that’s found in other products.

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As a strong supporter of my country’s economy, I love stumbling across quality Canadian skincare companies. As Canadians, we spend so much money on other areas in the world, along with insane shipping fees. So, I try to shop Canadian as much as possible. Plus, shopping Canadian beauty products is a huge benefit for Americans as well because the currency exchange is definitely in their favour.

But that isn’t the only reason I decided to try the beauty products from Gaia Secrets. They’re brand also aligns with everything I believe in. Gaia Secrets isn’t a Brick and Motor store that products massive amounts of generic products that can be found anywhere. This Canadian beauty company is a family-run business in Toronto, Canada. And as you know, I’m a big fan of family.


Additionally, this company places importance on the quality of their skincare products. They don’t test their beauty products on animals, nor do they pack them with preservatives, synthetic ingredients, toxins, parabens, poisons or fragrances, which is key to actually reaping the mud mask benefits.

Stick with natural skincare and your skin won’t pay the price.

Important ingredients to look for in mud masks

But whatever you do, wherever you shop, just be sure to purchase mud masks that are made with care. Here’s why I loved Gaia Secrets and the mud mask benefits that followed. It’s all in the ingredients, ladies.

beauty products, beauty tips, skin care, skincare, gaia secrets, Canadian, mud mask benefits, Canadian beauty, Canadian company

1. Moroccan Lava

There’s nothing like putting some true, authentic Moroccan Lava on your face. It’s also called Rhassoul Clay and is packed with the mud mask benefits. Since it’s rich in potassium, calcium, silica and magnesium, this ingredient naturally reduces dryness while also improving your skins clarity and elasticity.

2. Sandalwood

Not only is the scent of sandalwood purifying, the ingredient is as well.  This ingredient is a natural exfoliant that’s gentle enough for even sensitive skin. It’s also packed with antibacterial properties, so it cleanses as it nourishes. beauty products, beauty tips, gaia secrets, skin care, skincare, Canadian, mud mask benefits, Canadian beauty, Canadian company Many people use sandalwood essential oils due to the power of sandalwood, and all lead to the mud mask benefits.

3. Pink Pastel Clay

With a name like that, can you really go wrong? This ingredient also helps to refine lines and improve the texture of your skin. It helps balance out your completion.


And with those three ingredients, you get a cleanser, moisturizer, toner, and pore refiner in one.

How to use a mud mask?

To receive the Mud Mask benefits, you just mix in the powder with equal parts water until it turns into a paste. Apply to your face, let it dry and rinse.


I used Gaia Secrets mud mask because my pores are massive. The older I get, the more my pores expand. As a result, I have tons of blackheads and a far-from-flawless look when I wear makeup because it only makes my pores stand out even more.

Incorporating the mud mask benefits into my skincare regime three times a week has worked wonderfully well for my skin. Aside from the softness, my pores are nice and taut. I no longer feel like my pores look like a science project under a telescope. Thank goodness. Zoom in on my pictures and you’ll see the mud mask benefits soaking into my pores. It’s insane… And amazing.


As always, I asked Gaia Secrets if I can extend a discount to my followers and being the awesome Canadian beauty company they are, they were more than happy to do so.

Limited time special offer for my followers. Follow the special link that will automatically apply discount.

As if the mud mask benefits weren’t enough, now you get some savings too!

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