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Outdoor Adventures With My Dad in Florida

travel blog, outdoor adventures

Yesterday, I became a grown up. Ha! Yeah right, is what you’re all thinking, isn’t it? I’ve been a grown up for four years now and still have yet to grow up! Let’s say that I’m an adult… Without the boring, crappiness of being one. But you guessed it, yesterday was my 24th birthday! Wheeew!

travel blog, outdoor adventures

My Dad flew in earlier this week to spend my birthday with me doing outdoor adventures, so I’ve been running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off. It’s been amazing. My dad is my best friend. We always have so much fun together and always manage to get up to some kind of shenanigans. It’s hilarious. Speaking of best friends though, my bestie Katie flies into Tampa tomorrow for the day before she leaves to work on a cruise ship for 6 months, so I also get to see her too! I’m a lucky travel blog birthday girl, aren’t I?

travel blog, outdoor adventures

This week I decided to take my dad down to Siesta Key Beach which is popular for being one of the best beaches in Florida. Actually, it was the #1 rated beach in the United States on many travel blog sites, but Hawaii took that spot and Siesta Key Beach is now second place for the best beaches in Florida. It’s one of those clear water beaches, where the water is crystal clear turquoise. I felt like I was in the Bahamas. It was amazingly beautiful! The sand felt like a combination of flour and baby powder.

travel blog, outdoor adventures

Being the adult that I am, I got my Dad to purchase me an inflatable whale which I have named Willy. He’s my buddy, and he’s an orca whale which is one of my favourite animals. Willy likes to take rides in the convertible. He’s a dare devil. What a silly whale! He’s currently tucked into a bed in my condo. I kid you not.

travel blog, outdoor adventures

For my birthday yesterday, we didn’t hit up any of the clear water beaches though. Instead, I decided to start day drinking at noon which ultimately lead me to try to fish. However, I did have some pretty fascinating outdoor adventures in the water outside of my Florida condo. Okay, well… I didn’t find them, but my local Florida friend found some stuff and I of course needed to hold them. Obviously, right? We all know how I like to hold weird freakin‘ things.

As for today,  my dad’s heading back into Tampa to go to another NHL game, and I’ll be resting up so I can see my bestie tomorrow! Can’t wait!

To everyone who took the time to wish me a happy birthday, thank you.



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