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Shop With Purpose, For An Excuse

I know that I’ve said this before, but I think I have a serious shopping addiction. I kid you not and surely, it’s beneficial when you’re a Canadian fashion blog writer such as myself, but this is some dangerous business!

I’m a rebel!

I honest to gawd, kid you not, have 6 pairs of new high heels coming in the mail. Can you believe that? 6 pairs of new high heels are well
on their way to making my shoe rack all the more fabulous. I’ve told you guys, Justfab is a serious addicting place. They get me with their two shoes for $39 every single damn.

I’m cursing them… but not really because I’m so stoked about the new shoes!


I shopped a little different this time around. Usually, I just buy whatever completely captures me and jumps out at me. Swipe Swipe of my credit card and I have some new high heel shoes on their way, but this time, I took some serious time and thought into my purchased. Okay, not really.. let’s get serious, but I did purchase for purpose.

As you know, I recently did a closet purge. This left me with so many items in my closet that I totally love, but don’t have the proper shoes to wear with. Well, with a shoe collection like mine, I most certainly have shoes that I could wear with them, but no shoes that I want to wear with them. You know what I mean? Of course you do, because you’re a female and we are currazy. Kidding.

So with particular outfits in mind, and specific high heels in mind, I shopped my little heart away. I took certain colours from this dress, and made sure that it was represented in one of my new pairs of shoes. I then took this print from a skirt, and made sure it was on one of my new pairs of shoes and so on so forth.
This is the perfect excuse for when your boyfriend, or whomever, questions you about all those new shoe boxes in the closet. “Oh, well, I needed them” is what usually slips out of my mouth and I get a raised eyebrow and a loud sigh, but now… I can hold out that dress that matches those shoes, and that skirt that matches those high heels. It’s PERFECT.

Ha! Eat that, boyfriend!

So JustFab, you are a curse that I love being cursed with. Curse on’!

How excited are you to see all my new shoes and my new lookbooks? You’re pretty excited, aren’t you? Don’t lie… you have a shoeaholic shopaholic life too.


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