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She’s God’s Gift To Women

Okay.  Hold up. Wait a minute. Let me put some pimping in it. Actually, there’s no need for you to put pimping in it because it’s already pimped the hella out. If you haven’t guessed, I stumbled across something that is about to blow your little online fashion minds, and the sock right off of those feetskies of yours.  Oh, and this fabulous female is Canadian. Oh yeah.

 O’ Canada, We Stand With God For The… Don’t make me bust out in anthem now.

I want to share with you guys the most innovative of fashion trends from Elizabeth Anne that is going to change the world. Now, before you ask me who in the world is Elizabeth Anne, don’t get your panties in a wad. Obviously she’s amazing because she’s  Canadian. Duh! We already figured that out. However, she gets better. She owns her own  online fashion and shoe line. Oooh, your  toes are tinkling now, aren’t they? Well, you’ll be happy to know that it still gets so much better.

The Secret Behind Her Online Fashion Footwear

…Her shoe line has hidden pockets within all styles that carry everything from your iPhone, cash, I.D., makeup…  Tampons!. Now, you’re probably like me, and wondering how is this comfortably possible? We all hate clumps and funks in our online fashion, and this is especially true within our footwear. Check out her online shoe warehouse and take a look at some of the shoe styles and   holy sh!t balls, you can’t even tell.

Her Shoe Warehouse Is Evolutional, Ladies!

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Now if only  Elizabeth Anne can find a way for a water bottle to go in my shoes, then I could really be purse free! I’m going to need a pair of these for Florida because I’m going to be shimmying my booty out on every dance floor and  I hate, hate, hate having to carry about a purse at clubs. Clutches are cute, but honestly. Who wants to carry a clutch around,  so I usually opt for crossover bag which totally messed up my already-lacking dance swag. Plus, d trying to drunkenly find anything is impossible. I have  money in my boobs, coins in my belly button and who knows what I have in my pants, so why not keep  my private parts for private, and keep my stuff in my shoes when I’m out partying?

hidden pockets, elizabeth anne, purse n' shoes, boots, canadian, online fashion, fashion trends, shoe warehouse


Watch out, bars and clubs! I’m coming for you and my booty is going to be shaking my newfound fashion trends up and down that dance floor like I was  born a stripper. Whew! I’m on fire. Honestly though… I’m totally stoked about this new idea and the fact that a  Canadian owns this shazz? Oh, I am totally  girl crushing now!

Not ‘gonna lie. I keep going back to her site to look at all the pictures and turn my head left, right, up, down and ponder, “Where in the world are the pockets?”. You can’t tell.  It’s magical. Before we know it, a god damn dove is going to fly out and  a bunny is going to appear.

hidden pockets, elizabeth anne, purse n' shoes, boots, canadian, online fashion, fashion trends, shoe warehouse


The shoe warehouse is called Purse N’ Boots, if you’re wondering. Makes sense, right? They come with hidden pockets for passports too… And I am going to the US soon. Does this give me an  excuse to totally indulge in, yet another, pair of shoes? Obvs. These aren’t just a normal pair.


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  • Erin
    July 18, 2013

    Stop it. This is life-changing.

    • admin
      February 12, 2014

      Oh hell yeah it is!

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