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She’s GAY!

Do you guys remember Shannyn? Of course you do! The roommate that I had before she moved back to Toronto and I moved to where I am now? Well she just called me with some very interesting information. Well, interesting for other people, me – not so much. Firstly, I want to say that Shannyn and I discussed this lifestyle blogs post and she’s totally fine with it, and actually encourages me to write this – so without further ado.

I get a message,

“Hey Dude! Don’t know if you’d noticed, but I have a girlfriend.”

Literally, that’s how she tells me. I immediately say, “Whaat?! Call me!”

My phone rings, I pick up the phone to hear Shannyn saying, “So… I’m GAY!”

Motivation to Do the Same

I have had a lot of friends come out of the closet, but this is definitely the first time someone that is a female, that I am close with has told me that she is a full-blown woman lover. Do I love it? Truck ya!

I obviously had a million questions, being nosey me and had to know everything from sex positions to everyone else’s reactions. Shannyn told me that when she came out of the closet, it was almost like a filter. She filtered out all the fake people in her life. Why, you may be asking? Because surprisingly, a lot of people weren’t okay with it. A lot of her friends, family and acquaintances were not having any part of it. Sure, it’s a little disappointing… but just like she said, I filtered out everyone who doesn’t really love me for me, and everyone who isn’t a true friend. Who wouldn’t want to find this out!

Good point, right? On the bright side, she has had an amazing amount support , but every day is a struggle. She was telling me about the looks she gets when they walk through the mall, or go out in public. Honestly, this is the best thing Shannyn said throughout the whole conversation.

“We get full-out pointed at, because we hold hands and everything… I mean, we’re a couple. We do couple things. Why should we not do these things, just because we’re both female?”motivation, inspirational quotes, lifestyle blogs, lesbian, gay, how to come out of the closet, coming out of the closet

I couldn’t agree with her more. I honestly am very proud of her for coming out, and her wanting to make a difference in people’s lives that are struggling with their own sexuality. I have always been completely open to whoever or whatever people want to love. Just as Shannyn said, “It’s no one’s business who I lay down beside at the end of the day”.

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Shannyn has lost friends and family since coming out of the closet, which is something everyone can learn from.

Inspirational Quotes

Accept those for who they are.

You loved them before they came out of the closet, right? So, why should their sexual preference change the way in which you feel about them now? It shouldn’t! At the end of the day, with some people not in her life, she said that she has never been happier. She has never felt more real, and more true to herself.

And that’s what really matters. I am very proud of her and I will support her til the end. Even if we have to scrap more girls at the bar. HAHA. Kidding.

I will end this lifestyle blogs post with one last thing. As Shannyn and I were room mates, she obviously has seen me naked a million times, and I think this is something people struggle with. Does this mean she got turned on when she saw me nude? Did she want to do me? ABSOLUTELY NOT and these questions never came into my mind, but I know that some people out there are wondering.

If you’re straight, do you get turned on with every person of the opposite sex as they walk by you, or while you’re at the beach? No. It’s no different and I do not feel weird about it at all. Would I get naked in front of Shannyn now that she’s a lesbian? Absolutely! However, her girlfriend may have a problem with it! 😉

Just kidding. What I am trying to say is that just because Shannyn is a lesbian, doesn’t change anything between me and her and our friendship. She’s the same person and again, it’s no ones business who she lays down beside at the end of the day.

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  • Iris Fynn
    June 17, 2016

    I think I’m going to come out soon, thank you for the motivation.

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  • […] in which I complained the whole walk because it was still damn cold in Toronto Canada, and the two lesbian love birds were all snuggly warm and walking together, we proceeded to the pool. Oxymoron? Nope. […]

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