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Rob Dyrdek’s Cousin, Drama’s Clothing Line, Young and Reckless

Of course, you’ve heard of Rob Dyrdek, right? No? Okay, how about his Fantasy Factory? Still nothing? Hmmmm, Rob and Big? Ridiculousness? Anything? Okay, so you live under a gawd damn rock. Let’s be honest here. Get out in this world, lady.

Jokes aside, everything that Rob Dyrdek works on is freakin’ hilarious, and you’re totally missing out on life if you don’t start indulging in his shows. You might pee your pants a little… or a lot. Maybe poop. Who knows. He’s really funny.

Now, I’m not here to write to you about television shows that will make you pee or poop your pants.I know. It’s hard to believe, but I’m really not. Instead, I’m here to talk about Rob Dyrdek’s cousin, Drama and his clothing company and fashion trends   of Young and Reckless.

I made the mistake of teaching the boyfriend how to shop online, and yes, I said teaching. He’s totally technology illiterate. Well, ever since, I’ve stumbled across him clicking his credit card numbers into stores online, purchasing the most random things ever. Now, I have no problem with this. After all, I’m a shopaholic myself and I can’t hate. That’s not the only reason though. I can’t hate because often times, he’s stumbled across some rad shit, for lack of  better words. I’m talking mens fashion stores online that offer originality! Isn’t that why us ladies shop online so much anyway? Plus, it helps that I can usually weasel a shirt out of the deal for myself too!

Where the hell am I going with this?

young and reckless, Y&R, rob dyrdek, drama clothing line, fantasy, fashion blog, lookbook, fashion trends

Hold your horses! Or as I’d like to say, don’t get your panties in a knot.

The other day, the boyfriend was on the Young and Reckless fashion blog. At first glance, all I saw was Y&R and I questioned his sexuality for a moment as I thought he was on Young and The Restless. You know, that show that all of our mom’s watch religiously Monday through Friday, after work? Well, as I looked further, he was shopping for some new clothes. Naturally, I was engaged.

young and reckless, Y&R, rob dyrdek, drama clothing line, fantasy, fashion blog, lookbook, fashion trends

I asked him, “Who is Y&R?” Yes, who…. not what, but who. Who is the most important thing when it comes to fashion, right ladies? Anyway, he told me it was Drama and since I think Rob Dyrdek’s shows are comical, I immediately knew who he was talking about. We continued shopping and picked out some stuff, obviously, and as you can see, I snagged a nice Y&R Hoody for myself. Woot Woot!

The boyfriend got this rad-ass toque, and for you American’s out there, a toque is a winter hat. He also got a T-shirt. We ordered more, but they ended up being out of stock. So we had to suck it up and get a refund. Womp Womp!

young and reckless, Y&R, rob dyrdek, drama clothing line, fantasy, fashion blog, lookbook, fashion trends

The moral of the story? Get on the site and check out the fashion trends and lookbook section. It’s the bombdity, whether you’re shopping for yourself or your boyfriend, dad, brother, sister, baby. Whoever. It’s bomb. Unique. Original. Perfect.

Y&R will save the fashion in your man’s life. Honestly.


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