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Obsessed with Personalized Rings

Guys, I am in la-la-la-la-looooove. Seriously. 
 Ignore the photo. I just thought it was funny! haha But look at my hand!! How amazing?! Adorable, right? I just purchased this ring and am so in love. You can personalize it to anything you want. And being the creative girl that I am, I thought how amazing would this be for JUSTIN BIEBER fans?! Who wouldn’t want to rock “Bieber” across their hand in a feminine, flashy and fashionable way? I think it is awesome. If only I was 15 all over again!!
Or even like “Daddysgirl”
Or a nick name…
Maybe “Chantilliscious” It’s so cute!
Sterling silver as well, so your fingers are going to be stained an ugly green when you take it off. No worries about that!
Cute, unique and creative!! 
 I highly recommend getting one. I adore mine. I can’t stop staring at my hands. And keep in mind, I usually think my hands are so ugly, but this fab ring makes them looks so cute and flirty and feminine! I just love it! xoAnd did I mention Lauren Conrad rocks one of these bad boys? Hense why it is called “The Lauren Conrad Ring!”

There is also a FAB sale on right now. Just type in CHANTILLISCIOUS and receive a % off. This is personalized, good-quality and not that much more!

Oh, and I guess you’ll be needing the website! hehe ooopsie!



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