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Recreate a Formal Kim Kardashian in Three Steps

You know what? I am totally baffled as to why people hate the Kardashians, ’cause I totally, absolutely adore them! I mean, they’re sexy style diva’s and I think you’re absolutely crazy if you don’t think these three fabulous sisters (plus two more and add in a brother) are fashion forward and fantastic. They are definitely worth talking about, but I don’t think it should be done in a negative way. These women are gawd damn stunning and certainly know how to shop!

So, if you didn’t guess… today’s post is about one the Kardashian sisters. Surprise, right? Even if you’re not a fan, this look I chose from the several Kim Kardashian outfits is certainly worth a gander. It may not be my favourite look on Kim’s body specifically, but it’s definitely a look that can be easily achieved by the majority of women.

Yes. I did just say gander.

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Racheles Lovely Lady Top
Just take one simple look at this Kim Kardashian outfit and you’ll quickly see that you can recreate it with three to four fashion items. The first, is of course, the top. You can opt for the exact style that you can see in this look by getting a clean, white mock neck halter top (say that five times), but trust me when I say that those can be hard to find because each company has different names for that style of shirt. A fresh, white tank top that is sheer, like something made of silk will certainly do justice!


Stylish Selection Skirt
Yup! Exactly what the title says! The second piece of this Kim Kardashian outfit is with the fluffy fashion skirt. On a budget, you can opt for something frilly, or indulge in a skirt with feathers if you have more of a spending allowance. Either way, get something fluffy and floofy and black! The best thing about this fashion piece is that it can be used in a variety of other outfits, even casual Kim Kardashian outfits so I definitely recommend investing in one that you love!


                                                                                                                             CALVIN KLEIN Stretch Interlock BeltCALVIN KLEIN Rectangle Clutch

Now, in Kim Kardashian outfits, there always have to be a dose of glam, right? This Kim Kardashian outfit specifically needs some sparkle and glam to pull the top and skirt together to create a fabulously formal ensemble. A shimmery waist belt is the perfect option for that, as it will blend the two pieces, create one look. Now, with a matte black heel, and a sparkle clutch, you’ll be rocking this Kim Kardashian outfit like you were born a Kardashian sister.

Autumn - Black Sd Black Pat

Are you a fan of the Kardashian sisters? Why or why not?



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