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Pre-Funeral Fashion and Jitters

Today was the beginning of the end, I guess you could say. We had a visitations for my Grandpa’s death today and well, I was almost pooping my pants on the way to the funeral home. Not only was I going to face the reality of my dearest Grandpa’s death, but I had to face family members that I haven’t spoken to in more than two years.


Luckily, all went well and heck, I only cried three times! Woooow! Visitations are always the easiest part because you’re hearing funny stories and laughing about silly things instead of saying your final goodbyes. It took me a while to be able to walk up to the casket, and as I did, my big floral ring popped off (which was the statement piece of my lookbook not to add). Instead of screeching that my new ring just broke, I smiled, took it as a sign and placed the floral piece of my ring in my Grandpa’s casket. hehehe Shhhhhhh!

I heard silly stories about my Grandpa as a child, and shared some myself. It was interesting to see how everyone knew of the baby of the family (not including great grandchildren)… his silly tilly. Gosh, am I going to miss that laugh and giggle.

Then, it’s time to dress for the occasion when fashion trends are the last thing on your mind.

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Dressing for  a funeral is always easy. Black. Although, black isn’t mandatory anymore, fashion trends say that you should still do the traditional black funeral lookbook out of respect and with this being my Grandpa’s funeral, I owe him all the respect that I have. Plus, there’s nothing that can do some good healing of a broken heart like retail therapy and online fashion can! Sure, I had black things in my closet but my Grandpa knows me for loving my clothes, and bringing a suitcase for a purse, so I desired to spend a little moola to dress my best. So, off I went shopping!  I bought a nice lace-accentuated dress from Material Girl Madonna line and paired the dress with black buckle Jessica Simpson heels and a fuchsia pink clutch. Hey! A girl’s gotta have a little sparkle, right?

Don’t Feel Guilty About Caring About Your Funeral Lookbook

Although I shouldn’t be thinking about what to wear to a funeral, or how to dress for a funeral, let’s be honest, I surely look like a complete disaster lately and a good lookbook will take the attention off of my puffy, red eyes, right? Same can be said for you!

Dress to impress, and don’t feel bad about it.

In between visitations, we went back to my Grandpa’s house where my dear Auntie slipped my Grandpa’s straw hat on my head. It was now mine. I used to tease him about his silly little hat and he’d say, “It keeps the sun out of my eyes!” Needless to say, I rocked that hat proudly for the second visitation and the rest of the trends, lookbook, fashion online, dressing for a funeral, how to dress for a funeral, funeral attire, funeral clothes, jessica simpson heels,

What I would give for one last hug and kiss. I used to always say, “You can’t die before me because I can’t live without you”. My grandpa would chuckle as he would say, “You’re shit out of luck, tilly!”

It was apparent tonight, that everyone knew him for his laugh and smile. How I will miss that. Tomorrow will be unimaginable. My last final goodbyes. I can’t fathom the thought of it.

What do you wear to funerals? Do you do the traditional black, or something else?

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  • cat
    August 14, 2012

    im super sad that your grandpa past, maybe its cause ive been drinking and yes its a monday night and im drinking, i drink any day of the week! part of it could also be cause by other sad news that i just received, either way drinking or not id still be sad, so this is my condolences

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